Can I have tattoos and still join US Navy special forces?

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What was the Navy special force in World War 2 that wore gold earrings?

%DETAILS% This answer comes from an old Marine only vaguely familiar with Navy tradition. Traditionally those sailors who had served aboard a submarine were entitled to wear a gold earring in their right ear. As late as the mid-1970s this was the case, and this privilege was even extended to Marines ( Full Answer )

Can a illegal alien join the US navy?

Call a navy recruiter if you meet the requirements below: . From Citizenship As a U.S. citizen* you may enlist in the Navy (assuming you meet the other enlistment standards). But what if you are a non-citizen? You can still enlist as long as you meet the following requirements: * ( Full Answer )

How do i join the us navy as a foreigner?

Step One: In order to enlist in the U.S Navy, you must have family members that are current us citizens. This will allow you to obtain a green card or (visa) .

Why do men join special forces?

well first of all for the money, and college scholarship, second they feel like they owe their country and third sometimes theyre just idiots that think theyre invincible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. This individ ( Full Answer )

How do you join the US Air Force?

Go and talk to an "Air Force Recruiter." Look in a phone book to find one. It will most likely be under "Government" in the front of the telephone book

Can you join the navy with past drug use?

Yes you can if you disclose, but not with current drug use. They won't hire you if your taking drugs presently. But yes, from before you can.

Can you have a tattoo and join the navy?

Some of it will depend on where the tattoo is and what it is of. Typically a tattoo is not going to be a problem. If it shows when in uniform it might be an issue. If it is inflammatory, it would be a red flag.

Can you join the US ARMY with sleeve tattoos?

Yes you can. As long as your tattoos do not show in you Class "A" (Service Coat) uniform you can wear your tattoos. This rule applies for everyone but officer with tattoos are discouraged.

If you have a special diploma can you still join the military?

No. Special diploma is made for the disabled students. If you graduate with special diploma, you will have options being removed. A good of example of the options would be joining the military. With a special diploma, you won't be allowed in a university, even if you take the SAT/ACT. But you are ( Full Answer )

If you have arthritis can you still join the air force?

lots of people have arthritis and lead a perfectly normal life. If you are fit and able you will pass the medicals. However if you develop problems later on you may find that you will face a medical discharge.

Which is the best US Special Forces?

Despite what the previous answer said, this IS a matter of opinion. Every unit has its successes and failures. The above answer of Delta being the best is both right and wrong. Delta has numerous operations under its belt, most of which aren't even heard of outside of special operations circles. M ( Full Answer )

Does joining in the us navy is hard?

If you mean is joining the US Navy hard then not really. It is just as hard as joining any other military branch. As long as you are physically and mentally healthy you should be fine. No criminal record and no drugs in system.

Are the US Navy SEALs the toughest US military force?

This question calls for an opinion-based answer. All the special operations forces of America are tough. WhetherGreen Beret,Pararescuemen, Combat Controller, Marine Recon, ArmyRanger, or Navy SEALS. But to answer your question, the fact of thematter, is no. Navy SEALs are indeed tough. But of the ( Full Answer )

Can neosporin still be used on tattoos?

yes of course. but if youre buying a tube and have the option, A&D is better. the vitamins make a difference. Never use A&D ointment on a new tattoo...It has no therapeutic value what so ever and like vasoline is only a moisture protection...These words were told to me by the head Doctor over ( Full Answer )

Can you join the us navy with hepatitis c?

"Viral hepatitis, or unspecified hepatitis, within the preceding 6 months or persistence of symptoms after 6 months, or objective evidence of impairment of liver function, chronic hepatitis, and hepatitis B carriers. (Individuals who are known to have tested positive for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infe ( Full Answer )

Can you still join the US Navy if you had a seizure a long time ago?

Though there are waivers for pretty much anything, Seizures of any type are an instant medical disqualifier. It doesn't make any difference if it's controlled or not - the fact that you had one and it's in your history is enough to DQ you. Also, with the current recruiting and retention climate (alw ( Full Answer )

Are special forces marines the same thing as navy seals?

No - Marine MARSOC units do work with Navy SEAL's, but are Special Operations units unto themselves, with their own missions (in particular, Force Recon Units). Marine SpecOps has expanded as the need for more operators in the war on terrorism has grown substantially. The biggest difference that ( Full Answer )

What are the us navy tattoo superstitions?

A lot of sailors often got tattoos of a pig on one foot and a chicken on the other. Both animals are buoyant this the belief that if you had them on your feet, you would be more likely to stay on top of the water, rather than drown below.

Can Jehovah's Witnesses join the US Navy?

No. As Jehovah's Witnesses we do not participate in any military. We stay separate from the world, and peaceful. While we respect governments and follow their orders (paying back Caesar's things to Caesar) we do not engage in any war.

Are US Navy SEALs the best force?

The following entries are opinion-based, due to the question being opinion-based: Generally, most Military experts and books say the British S.A.S & S.B.S are the best special forces in the world. It makes sence realy as the British S.A.S & S.B.S are the most copied Military in the world copied by ( Full Answer )

Can you join the US Air Force with a kid?

Most certainly. You will need to have somebody take care of yourchild while you are away at Basic Military Training and TechnicalSchool. So make sure you have everything in line before hand, getwith your local recruiter and they'll be able to help you squareaway your affairs.

If you have a baby can you still join the Navy?

If you are a single parent, no - military (not just U.S. Navy) regulations are very specific about disqualification of potential recruits based on single parental status. If you're married, then sure you can, if you meet all other requirements for entrance. The key factor is that the dependent ( Full Answer )

Can you join the US Marine Corps with tattoos?

Marines are prohibited from: a. Tattoos or brands on the head and neck. b. Sleeve Tatoos. A sleeve tattoo is a very large tattoo, or a collection of smaller tattoos, that covers or almost covers a person's entire arm or leg. c. Half-sleeve or quarter sleeve tattoos that are visible to the eye when ( Full Answer )

Can you still join the Navy if you have ADD?

It depends on the extent of the condition - if you've been definitively diagnosed, receiving treatment, and are taking medication for it prior to recruitment, then no, it's a medical disqualification. On the other hand - if you're not being actively treated, and it's not an ongoing issue, then it ( Full Answer )

Can a legal immigrant joins the us navy seabees?

You have to be a permanent resident alien (legal immigrant with a green card permanently residing in the U.S.) or a naturalized citizen to the join the U.S. Navy or other military branches.

Can you still join the navy as a navy diver if you have charges of possession of marijuana and paraphernalia?

It depends on if you were charged at the misdemeanor or felony level. If it was the former, then you can apply for a waiver. If it was a felony, then you can request to have it reduced to a misdemeanor, so long as you did not serve prison time. Probation does not affect this. If the charges are redu ( Full Answer )

Is the Indian navy special forces better trained than us navy seals?

I assume you're referring to the Indian Navy MARCOS group (previously MCF). MARCOS are certainly well trained and dedicated, but they were founded in 1984, whereas SEALs were derrived from Navy UDT (Underwater Demolition Teams) dating back to WW-II. Also, SEALS trained under a huge budget from the m ( Full Answer )

Is the Royal Navy today still capable fighting force?

More than capable, the Royal Navy is considered about the best in the world with one of the largest even after taking into account recent spending cuts. The cuts have consisted of personnel as well as ships. However of what is remaining is fitted with state of the art weapons and equipment. To put i ( Full Answer )

Which special forces group is better navy seals or green berets?

It's one of those questions that is impossible too answer. They both ate highly respected and highly trained. Both have there roles in the USSOCOM community. Green Berets have been known to train foreign armies and Special Forces units. SEALs are masters at ship boarding. Green Berets are as mention ( Full Answer )

How do you join the US Army Special Forces?

First, you enlist in the Army. You pass Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training (or One Station Unit Training, depending on what occupation you enlist for). Then you have to wait until you make the rank of Specialist (E4). At that point, you can request to go to Special Forces Assessm ( Full Answer )

How does one join the US Air Force?

Every day, Airmen of the United States Air Force push the envelope of what'sBeing able to perform missions virtually undetected is a powerful capability thatplane we fly through the gauntlet before it's given clearance to join our fleet.

Can The US Army Force you to join?

If you're 18, and you're either a citizen or permanent alien resident of the United States, you're required to enroll in the Selective Service Act. If a draft is reinstated, there is a possibility of you being drafted at that point.

How to join the navy?

i am in India 17 yrs old how do i join the navy what is theeligibility and other requirements Is the training expense borne by the institute.Could you pleaseguide me

Is the navy seals better to join or us army rangers?

It depends what you want to do. If you want to go in sea,air and land troops but trained hard,navy S.E.A.L.S {SEa, Air, and land}.If you want to be an infintry soldier and go behind lines join U.S. army rangers.Even though they still go on air and sea somtimes there lives are completly different.