Can I lose my period if I smoke on the pill?

Hello my name is Jacob and I just wanted to tell you something that I think you may not know. "The Pill" and alot of other "contraceptive methods" cause abortions. This can be confirmed at www.thepillkills and other websites as well. There is a humane option available for those who wish to prevent pregnancy which does not involve the killing of an innocent unborn baby called Natural Family Planning. Natural Family Planning is not the old "Rhythm Method. Natural Family Planning is a newer method which has proven itself 99.9% effective. It is clear that this is the right choice for those who wish to prevent pregnancy. Please do the right thing and give up "contraceptive" methods that cause abortions. Please spread the word about these products that kill babies. Everyone has the right in life to make decisions based on the truth and the Pharmaceutical Companies keep this information hidden away even though they know about it. I know that if more people knew the truth about how these so called "contraceptive" methods caused abortions fewer people would choose to use them. I will keep you in my prayers. Sincerely, with hope in the basic goodness of all people.