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Can I marry an incarcerated immigrant who has a revoked visa?

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The prisoner would need to obtain permission to marry and it would be highly unlikely that such permission would be granted. If allowed, marriage to a US citizen would not prevent the foreign national from being deported once he has served the imposed sentence.

2006-08-14 13:49:04
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Can you marry an illegal immigrant that came into the US legally on a student visa but stayed in the country and there visa expired?

Yes you can. And once you marry the person becomes legal

Can a illegal immigrant marry a us citizen to get work visa?

Marrying merely for a visa is fraud. Moreover, there is no such thing as a work visa from a marriage. A work visa is available only through an employer.

Can you apply for non immigrant visa if your immigrant visa is under processing?


How long is an immigrant visa valid?

An immigrant Visa is usually valid for 6 months.

You want to marry an illegal immigrant who is not divorced but her husband is in another country How do you marry her?

The illegal immigrant should go back to his or her home country and complete the divorce with his or her spouse. Then you should either get married in that country and apply for a spouse visa, or go visit that country and upon returning apply for a fiance visa and get married in the US after the fiance visa is granted.

Can you marry a immigrant that entered the US on a tourist visa?

You can marry ANYONE you want. Well, as long as the person is of the opposite sex (depending on the state) and of legal age.

Can you marry a US citizen in the US even if you are not an American citizen but you hold a non-immigrant visa and you are allowed to visit the US any time you want?


Where is the non immigrant visa number located at the visa?

Depends what visa and what country

Can a 19 year old girl marry a immigrant 31 year old that has a student visa?

In most places in the US, yes. The citizenship does not matter. It will not immediately grant US citizenship to the immigrant.

Where is non immigrant visa number located on a k1 visa?

The non-immigrant visa number shows up in red ink on the lower-right side of the K-1 Visa.

What is needed from an immigrant?

A Immigrant needs a Visa, Passport and a place to stay. :)

How do you report an illegal immigrant expired visa?

did they do something wrong? If not, don't report them. Besides, learn how to phrase a question. "Illegal immigrant expired visa" means there is such a thing as a visa for illegal immigrants. What I think you meant to ask was, how do you report an illegal immigrant who has an expired visa.

Types of visa?

there are four types of visa 1. immigrant visa 2. visitors visa 3. student visa 4. employers visa

How are immigrant visa petitions processed at the National Visa Center?

Immigrant visa petitions are processed at the National Visa Center by invoicing one for the visa application fees. One then waits until they are called for an interview with a consular officer at a US embassy.

What kind of visa does a non-immigrant need?

Depends what visa and what country

Do you need sponsorship for tourist visa?

Do you need sponsorship for non immigrant visa?

How do you petition for a parent's immigrant visa to the US?

i would like to apply for my parentsto get immigrant visa. im a us citizen, how long it wil take?

How do you know that you were granted a non-immigrant visa number?

Depends what visa and what country

Can an immigrant with tourist visa join the US army?

No! You need a visa whit you can get CG!

Do you need a transit visa passing through US if you have valid non immigrant visa?


Which is best to apply working visa or immigrant visa?

Depends on the purpose of your stay to a certain country. If you aim to live long regardless of work or not and if you are not in a hurry to process the visa then, the immigrant visa is the one. If you only intend to work in the country and already have an employer, then the work visa is good.

How do you get a illegal immigrant to US to marry them. i am seeing a girl in Mexico is there a way to bring her up to marry her or should i marry her in Mexico?

The first thing you should do is ensure that she never becomes an illegal immigrant. If the two of you are ready to marry, she should come to the US legally, with a passport and visa, and marry you here, or you should travel to Mexico legally, with a passport and visa, and marry her there. Either will technically work, but if you are planning to live in the US after you are married, then it would be best and easiest in the long term for the marriage to have taken place legally in the United States. In that case, you should seek a 'Nonimmigrant Visa for a Fiancee' for her (see link below) and then follow the proper procedures to have her become a citizen (see second link below).

How do you marry an illegal immigrant who was brought into the us at two and went through the public school system even college without a visa and without him getting deported?

You turn her/him in.

Is it right to deny someone's student visa for leaving the country for 2 weeks?

If they violated their visa, it will probably be revoked.

Does a Canadian immigrant need visa if he has the PR Card?