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Can I register my car in a different state?

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if you live there

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Can you register a car in another state other than where you reside?

No, you can not register a car in a state that you do not reside in. It is illegal to do so, you must register your car where you live.

Can you have a drivers license different from the state the ca is registered tagged and insured in?

To register a car in a state, you have to have a license in that state.

What do you do if your title is in a different state from the one you currently live in?

When you register the car in the new state they will give you a new title

Can you live in one state and have your car register in another state?

You are suppose to register your vehicle in the state you live the most time in.

How do you register your car in a new state?

by giving your Proof of Residence address and register it.

Can i register your car in one state but have license in another state?

I don't want you near my car! You must register your car in the state you reside. The state of South Carolina requires it within 30 days of beginning residency.

Can you register a car in NJ if you live in PA?

No, you can not register a car in NJ if you live in PA. In order to register a car, you must present a driver's license that is current and belongs to the state in which you are registering the car.

Can you register one car in one state and another car in different state?

Yes, it is allowed, but generally frowned upon. It's usually helpful if you have a child going to college, and he/she is going to be in another state.

Move car from state to state?

Yes, you can move a car from state to state. The state will require you to register the car with that state and pay any fees associated . Each state gives a grace period to register the car, so check the state DMV for timelines and forms. I imagine you can find that online for the state where you are moving to.

Can I insure and register a car in my name if my name is not on the title?

I know you can put the car your insurance but to register a different story

How can you register a car brought over from the UK?

Depends on the state where you want to register it. Each state has different laws concerning smog emissions and other factors. I live in CA and they are very strict on any car coming into the state. Take it to the local DMV and get the steps you need to do to get it registered.

If i have learners permit in state of pa can i register my car?

A photo ID is needed to register a vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania. A photo ID issued from the state will allow a person to register their vehicle.

What do I need to do to register a car in texas from out of state?

For it to happen in your dreams. You must be a resident of the state you're registering your car in.

Do you need a license to register a car Washington State?


Where might one go to get a car registered with the state?

To register a car with the state one should go to the official 'DMV' website. One can choose their state from the list and then follow the onscreen instructions to register a vehicle.

Can a college student buy and register a car in the state where she is attending college and still remain on the parent's policy from another state?

Yes, The insurance of a vehicle has no bearing on where the car is purchase or register.

How do I Register a Car Out of State?

You must prove residency in the state that you are trying to register it in. In most cases they want a utility bill and a phone bill.

Do i have to pay sales tax if I buy a car out of state?

You pay the sales tax for the state in which you're going to register your car.

If you live and have a drivers license in one state but work in another in which state do you register your car and get insurance?

doesnt matter You would register and provide insurance in the State you live.

How long do you have to register a car after buying it?

The length of time before registering a car after purchase varies from state to state. However, the average time is about 30 days. It is best to register it as soon as possible.

Do you need a drivers license to register a car in Missouri?

You do not need a drivers license to register a car in the state of Missouri. A drivers license is only required if you intend to drive the car.

If you move to a different state and want to change your insurance do you go to new driver status in that state which brings your premiums up?

Rates vary from state to State, so if you move and register your car in that state, the rates will change.

If i buy a used car from a dealership in one state can the dealership register it in another state?

No, you would need to register it. The dealership simply "signs off".

Do you need to register the car you bought from a dealer in OH?

In most cases, you will not need to register your car, the dealer will do it for you. You need to ask as each dealer is different.

Is it illegal to register and insure a car outside of the state you reside?