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Q: Can I take too much folic acid while pregnant?
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How much folic acid to take?

Non pregnant people should have 400 mcg of folic acid and pregnant woman should increase their folic acid intake to 800 mcg.

How much folic acid when pregnant and have crohs?

Normal pregnant women need 400 to 800 mcg of folic acid a day. You should talk to your Dr to see if you need to adjust.

How much folic acid is in oranges?

Well, in a medium orange you have around 0.3mg of folic acid. So if you re pregnant have two a day and you re in business!

What are the effects of too much folic acid?

None. Folic acid is water-soluble and is eliminated by the kidneys in the urine.

Is 1000mcg of folic acid too much?


Can you get enough folic acid in gummy vitamins?

In gummy vitamins, there are acceptable amounts of folic acid. Therefore, a person can get his or her daily value of folic acid in such vitamins without much of an issue.

How much folic acid should you have per day?

Folic acid, a.k.a. folate, has a recommended daily allowance of 400 mcg a day.

How much folic acid should you take during pregnancy?

You should be taking a Prenatal vitamin which contains Folic Acid. You may need to take a Folic Acid supplement if your doctor prescribes it. You will need to check with him first...

How is folic acid used in the body?

Folic acid is usually recommended to women during pregnancy. Males usually would not get much benefit from this supplement.

Can you drink too much water when taking a folic acid tablet?

It is possible to drink too much water. However, taking folic acid concomitantly with an excess of water shouldn't make much of a difference. Drinking various amounts of water would not have much of an impact on folic acid's effectiveness or toxicity either.

Why is folic acid good for you?

Folic acid is necessary for blood cells to form. It is also important in order for DNA synthesis to occur and it is required for protein metabolism (being able to process protein). Without folic acid you would very much die.

Is expired folic acid safe?

It shouldn't harm you, but it may not have the same effectiveness as it used to. This is not as much of an issue for folic acid as it is for vitamins, so you may not even notice a difference.

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