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No, you can only use the gift card to purchase products from the Apple store online or in the store.

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Can you use a iTunes gift card at the mac store?

iTunes gift cards are only valid at the iTunes store online. The Apple stores use a separate system.

Can you use a visa gift card on iTunes?

Sorry, you can't use an Visa gift card on iTunes. However, you can use your Visa gift card to buy an iTunes gift card Source: http://blog.giftcardrescue.com/itunes-gift-card-questions-answers

How do you use itunes gift card twice?

You cannot use an iTunes gift card twice, for once it is used the servers at Apple will know that it has already been used, therefore you cannot use it twice.

Can you use iTunes giftcard with different apple IDs?

No, you can only redeem an iTunes gift card to one account

Can you use an Apple gift card in the App Store?

When I've tried before I haven't been able to... but what I ended up doing was using my apple gift card to buy an itunes gift card, and then I used that to buy apps

Can you use iTunes gift cards at the app store?

Yes, you can use an iTunes gift card on the AppStore and on iTunes.

Can you buy apps on an ITunes gift card?

Yes, you can use an Itunes gift card to buy apps.

Can you use your iTunes gift card on rhapsody?

iTunes gift cards can only be used at the iTunes store.

How do you use iTunes gift card?

look on the back of the gift card and it has directions

How do you purchase credit on iTunes?

buy a iTunes gift card is considered credit, but just use a credit or debit card if you have no gift card

How can you get an iTunes account without a credit card or gift card?

There is no possible way to do that. Creating an iTunes account requires the use of a credit card, and/or gift card.

Can you use your Barnes and noble gift cards on itunes?

No, you can only use iTunes cards from Apple

Do you have to have a credit card to use iTunes?

No you don't have to you can use a iTunes gift card or a Payclick by Visa Account or Paypal

How do you get an account on apple com to use an i tunes gift card?

You set up the account within the iTunes software not at apple.com.

Can you set up an iTunes account with an iTunes gift card?

no you need to set up an account before you can use a gift card

Can you use a mastercard gift card on itunes?

No. Technically, a prepaid MasterCard Gift Card is a debit card. iTunes does not let you connect debit cards to your account and use them to buy things.

Can you use an iTunes gift card to pay for your songs on iTunes instead of a credit card?

To use an iTunes Gift Card to pay for your songs click on the Redeem link in the Quick Links box (top right) on the iTunes store home page.

How do you make iTunes account with iTunes card?

Well, first I am assuming that you have and itunes Gift card. If I am correct then that has nothing to do with an itunes account. With the itunes gift card that allows you to get songs, videos, TV shows, movies or apps that is equal or lesser than you gift card amount. But before you can use it you have to make an itunes account on itunes store.

Can you use an iTunes gift card to buy an iPod touch?

No, you cannot. iTunes gift cards can only be used to by what is in the iTunes Store.

Can a HMV gift card be used on iTunes?

no but u can use it to buy a itunes card in store :D

Can you use an iTunes gift card to buy games?

Yes. You can use an iTunes gift card to buy games for Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

What is a iTunes code?

Do you mean an iTunes gift card code? If you do, a gift card code is when you have an itunes account, but its not hooked up to your credit card or debit card (money wont be taken out of it for buying a song) Therefore, you need to buy an itunes gift card from the store and reedeem it on itunes. (the code is on the back of the gift card) However much you spent on the gift card, thats how much money goes into your itunes account, so you have to keep buying them if you use all your money

How can you use a gift card to the itouch?

In the iTunes or App Store apps there is a Redeem button at the bottom of the page which is used to add an iTunes gift card.

Can iTunes gift card buy stuff from the app store?

Yes, you can use an iTunes gift card to purchase Apps, music, movies, etc.

Do you have to use an itunes card or can you download music on your computer?

No. You can use PayPal and any major credit/debit card, as well as an iTunes Gift Card.

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