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Yes. In fact, it's a good practice to run a bead of silicone along the edge to seal out moisture that could creep under your flooring and ruin it.

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Yes. The purpose of the transition is to create a pleasing edge to your flooring without binding it, since a laminate floor is designed to "float" and must not be inhibited in movement. Silicone, instead of a transition piece, will still allow enough movement for expansion and contraction. In fact, even if you do use a transition piece, it's a good practice to run a bead of silicone along the edge to seal out moisture that could creep under your flooring and ruin it.

Laminate flooring? There is a saw that rests on the floor and cuts a groove the right height under the door frame and trim and you slide the flooring under it.

An exterior door is a door that opens to the outside of the structure.

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If the entry is open to the elements, then I would say no. Water would get into the joints and degrade the unprotected fibre board base beneath the laminate. Even if the entry is closed off you are going to be walking a lot of water in. You could seal the joints off with clear silicon and put a door mat down but then it would negate the effect this sort of flooring promotes.

Laminate flooring has become very popular since its introduction in the United States in 1982. Easy to clean and take care of, laminate floors are becoming a favorite of home owners. Laminate flooring is easier to clean than carpet, it comes in many different designs, and you can install it yourself. The first thing you have to do is get rid of any other flooring. If you have carpet where you want to install laminate flooring, you need to be sure to pull up carpet, pad, any carpet tacks, and any other debris that has collected there. Make sure the floor beneath is level, and if not, level it out. Vacuum the area very well. Next, you need to remove baseboards. If you are very careful when you remove the baseboards, you can reuse them after the floor is installed. If they are not in good enough condition to use, you will need to purchase and install new ones. The bottoms of the door jambs will need to be trimmed with a coping saw so that there will be room underneath to fit the flooring and pad. Measure the height of pad and flooring together so that you know how much to trim. Once all that is done, you are ready to lay the underlayment pad. The separate pieces of the pad can be held together with clear plastic tape. Now, you are ready to install the flooring. Most laminate flooring comes in pieces that easily snap together. You will need to trim the snapping connectors on the pieces that are next to walls. You need to leave enough width between the flooring and the walls so that you can reinstall your baseboards. Start in a corner and put spacers between the wall and flooring to make sure the flooring does not slide up against the wall. Then you can start laying your flooring. As you go along, you may want to use a rubber mallet and a pull bar to smooth the flooring out. Once all the flooring is laid, reinstall your baseboards. Installing laminate flooring yourself is a fairly simple process, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you completed a home project yourself.

U Asked: "How to replace a garage door with an exterior door?"I Say U Cant, Unless U Cut Out A Portion Of The Garage Door (Where U Want The Exterior Door) Put In A Door Frame (Usually 80.5" h x 34.5" w), Then Insert The Exterior Door Hinges, Lock, Etc.

depends on what type of door interior or exterior? Interior door for the slab go from $20 to $100 and an exterior door go from $80 and up.

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You can physically use an interior door knob on an exterior door, but an interior door know isn't designed to hold up in weather conditions and won't last as long. Most interior door knobs don't have as good of a lock as the exterior ones either.

There is no one size for an exterior door. The most common size in the USA is 36"x80" (WxH), however exterior doors are available in all sizes.

Yes. The plastic laminate itself is combustible and flammable and if it is adhering to the steel door it cannot help but affect the doors temperature rating.

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An exterior door is usually a keyed doorknob or keyed lever. It may consist of single or multiple bolts to lock the door.

The standard exterior door height is 80 inches. The standard exterior door width is 36 inches. The thickness of the door should be at least 3/4" thick.

There shall be a floor or landing on each side of each exterior door. Exception: Where a stairway of two or fewer risers is located on the exterior side of a door, other than the required exit door, a landing is not required for the exterior side of the door. The floor or landing at a door shall not be more than 1 1/2 inches (38 mm) lower than that top of the threshold. Exception: Provided that the exterior doorway is not for the exit door required by Section R311, the step between the landing at an exterior doorway and the top of the threshold shall have a rise not greater than permitted in Section R314.2. The door, other than an exterior storm or screen door, shall not swing over the landing.

There is a electric saw on the market now called the exact saw.i think i have got the name right . Draw a line across the floor where the centre of the door would be.and cut. This saw is the perfect tool for this job . The small piece of flooring left at end cut with a sharp chisel.

Adding a window to an exterior door is problematic. Cutting a section out of the door causes structural and plumb issues. It is better to purchase a new door with the desired window.

how to replace a exterior front door handle on a 1999 toyota tacoma

hi i have a 2001 tacoma and the 2 exterior door handles are broken what tools do i need ??

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To install an exterior door handle on a Cherokee Jeep, first remove the window crank handle and the three screws in the inner door trim panel. Second, remove the inner door panel from the door using a trim stick and take off the vapor barrier inside the door. Third, remove the nut on the rear of the door handle, position the exterior door handle, and secure in place.

Average width of an exterior door is 36 inches.

There is no standard. Flooring type and use of rugs over existing flooring are the deciding factors in choosing the space to leave at the bottom of a door slab.