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I am not a doctor and am not sure about the liver or kidney, but I personally know that if you habitually take ibuprofen for any reason, you must take it with meals. I suffered severe esophageal, stomach, and small intestine ulcers from taking "ib's" on an empty stomach. Please be careful. It would be a good idea to get regular blood work at your doctor for liver screening.

it can cause ulcers or GI bleeding, but liver function is not normally something that is impacted by ibuprofen.

The ACS cautions ibuprofen users that fever, nausea, tenderness under the right ribcage and yellowing of the skin and eyes can indicate liver damage. Stop taking ibuprofen and contact your doctor if you notice any of these problems.

Taking ibuprofen may increase your risk for a heart attack, stroke or stomach and intestinal bleeding. Your risk for these problems might increase if you take other NSAIDs, (Non steroidal anti inflamatorys) have Allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, Heart disease or nasal polyps. Speak with your health care provider if you have kidney disease or are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or are breast-feeding.

Stop using ibuprofen and seek medical attention if you have heart attack or stroke symptoms such as chest pains, slurred speech, trouble breathing or weakness on one side of your body.

If you have bloody stools or vomit mixed with material that looks like coffee grounds, severe heartburn or stomach pain and you are taking ibuprofen, you might be experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding.

Stop using ibuprofen shortly before and immediately following a heart bypass.


Ibuprofen can change how your body metabolizes a number of other medications. Tell your physician or pharmacist if you take any of the following:

• Anticoagulants such as clopidogrel (e.g., Plavix from sanofi aventis) or warfarin

• High blood pressure drugs, including angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and diuretics

• Lithium

• Methotrexate


• Oral corticosteroids such as prednisone

• Probenecid

Brand Name Products

Single- and multi-ingredient brand name over-the-counter products that contain ibuprofen are sold under the names of Advil, Dristan, Midol and Motrin.

Brand-name prescription products containing ibuprofen include Combunox, which combines ibuprofen with oxycodone and Vicoprofen, which combines ibuprofen with hydrocodone.

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Q: Can Ibuprofen cause damage to the liver when you are taking it for arthritis?
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Can rheumatoid arthritis cause tachycardia?

No. However rhuematoid arthritis can cause heart damage.

If you take 400mg of ibuprofen everyday will it damage your liver?

Yes! NSAIDS, like ibuprofen cause vasoconstriction, they make the arteries in your kidneys smaller so no blood can get to it... this can cause acute renal failure if you take ibuprofen regularly or at high doses. It's a cumulative effect... so just by taking ibuprofen regularly for a while can damage your kidneys. It can also cause fluid retention, aplastic anemia, GI distress (upset), and ulcers!

Is taking to many 600 mg ibuprofen bad?

Yes. It may cause nephrotoxicity (damage to the nephrons of the kidney, which will lead to renal failure, which may eventually cause a need for hemodialysis, or worse, death) if the daily maximum of 3,200 mg ibuprofen is exceeded.

Can taking ibuprofen with methotrexate cause bloodshot in eyes?


Can you take Ibuprofen and percoset?

Both ibuprofen and percocet contain large amounts of acetaminophen. Consuming high doses of acetaminophen can cause permanent liver damage. Taking one ibuprofen and one percocet certainly isn't going to kill you, but be sure to keep your dosage low.

Can Ibuprofen hurt you?

Yes, if you exceed to recommended dose it can cause liver damage.

Does prednisone contain Ibuprofen?

Prednisone is a steroid prescribed for inflammation. It does not contain ibuprofen. Taking ibuprofen with Prednisone could cause a high risk of stomach ulcers.

Why do pit bulls have arthritis?

Arthritis is a malady that is suffered by many animals besides the human race. At this time it is still not known what is the cause of arthritis or what is required to cure it. Al we can do is try our best to control the damage that is caused by inflammatory arthritis and repair the damage already don by the disease.

Does many epidural injections in the back cause arthritis?

At this point in time it not Known what the cause of arthritis is there fore this question still does not have an answer. However I failed to find any mention of cartilage damage as a result of epidurals.

If you took 2 200 mg of ibuprofen and am going to drink will you be ok?

You should not drink while taking Ibuprofen. It can cause acids that damage the liver. However, a few light drinks should be fine. Just don't get totally wasted.

Does taking Nyquil plus Tylenol Ibuprofen or aspirin cause ill effects?

Yes it can indeed do so. When you mix Nyquil plus Tylenol Ibuprofen or aspirin you can cause an upset stomach. You can also cause a headache believe it or not.

Does chronic arthritis usually result from bacterial invasion?

No chronic arthritis is not the result of bacterial infections this form of arthritis can usually be cleared up and is unlikely to cause any permanent damage to joints.

How do you overcome arthritis?

You don't, there are over hundred different forms of arthritis and the cause and cure for most of them is not known. Analgesics, Anti inflamatory's and disease modifying drugs can help relieve the pain and symptoms and some of the damage cause by some forms of arthritis.

What can arthritis cause?

Bacteria such as Gonococcus can cause arthritis.

Does petchay cause arthritis?

At this point the cause for arthritis is not known.

Can you get pregnant while taking Ibuprofen?

Yes, but it can be more difficult to conceive and when you do and if you are still taking medications like ibuprofen it can cause miscarriages that's why doctors say to try not to take anything but Tylenol when you are in pain or sick

Does vodka cause damage to taking Zoloft?


What is the cause of chronic arthritis?

At this point the cause of arthritis is still not understood.

Can you take Excedrin with Ibuprofen?

You should not take Excedrin Migraine and Ibuprofen together, because Excedrin Migraine (and regular Excedrin Extra Strength) contains Aspirin, which is in the same NSAID category that Ibuprofen is. Taking them together can increase the risk of damage to the stomach lining, which can cause ulcers. It is not recommended to even take Ibuprofen with the low-dose aspirin used to prevent heart attack and stroke, because Ibuprofen can wipe out the protective quality you are taking the low-dose aspirin for. Excedrin Tension Headache contains the Acetaminophen and Caffeine, but not the Aspirin, and this would be safe to take with Ibuprofen.

Are tomatoes cause of arthritis?


Arthritis usually results from bacterial invasion?

No arthritis is not usually the result of bacterial infection although there are forms of arthritis that are, these are known as septic arthritis or infectious arthritis. these forms of arthritis tend however to be short term and do not cause permanent damage to joints. There are however more then a hundred different forms of arthritis with causes ranging from wear and tear autoimmune conditions to chemical imbalances in the blood. Most of these are not curable however modern medicines can usually keep their pain and damage under control.

Can Ibuprofen damage your kidneys?

If you take more then 2400 mgs per day, or 1 800mg tab every 8 hours, it can cause kidney damage.

Is it safe to take ibuprofen while taking Wellbutrin lamictal and risperdal?

i was wondering if i can take ibuprofen for pain while I'm taking wellburtin XL, lamictal,and risperdal. I've been taking tyneol and it's not helping. I've got a bad toothache and my daughter-in-law suggested taking ibuprofen. i didn't want to take anything that would cause a bad reaction.

What is arthritis and when can it begin?

There are over 100 different forms of arthritisarthritis usually effects joints with cartilage destruction or as the result of injury's or just wear and tear. some forms of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis can also cause damage in many other parts of the body. in any case it is possible to be born with the symptoms of arthritis and it is imperative that if arthritis is present in a person they should sort out treatment in order to avoid or at least slow down joint damage.

Do steroids damage your liver?

Yes they can cause severe liver damage taking oral steroids.