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Allah has no image or structure or shape. He is omnipresent.

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What do Islamic people have in there house to worship Allah?

Islamic people need nothing to worship Allah. Because they believe that Allah is as close as their own heart. However, they just need a small mat, a clean dry place, and to know the direction facing Kaaba, or Mecca, or Saudi Arabia for praying worship.

How does Islam people worship?

Hindu's who follow the Islamic faith and believe in "Allah" meaning God.

What do the people in Baghdad worship?

There are mostly Muslims living in Baghdad,and they worship Allah and the Islamic prophets. There is also a significant number of christians.

What is Islamic worship?

Muslims/Islam worship only Allah and no-one or nothing else.

Who is the main deity in Islamic?

Muslims only worship Allah.

Where do Islam people worship Allah?

The Islam people worship Allah at Dean Jone's house.

Why is Islamic geometric art used in Islamic buildings and structure?

To be kind and caring to Allah and to show him that they care when they worship.

Who is the God of the Islamic people?


This is the Islamic place of worship?

The Muslims can offer prayer at any neat, clean and pure place. Anyhow, the particular place for them to offer worship of allah Almighty is called 'Masjid'.

What led leaders of the people of nooh to worship Allah and leave the idols?

Prophet Nooh called his people to worship Allah; the Creator.

What kind of gods did the Islamic people have?

It is Allah .

Who do Islamic followers worship?

They worship the one and only one God (called Allah in Arabic) , the Creator, with no partner, no son, no companion, and no resemblance.

Whom do Islams people worship?

They worship God, but they call him Allah.

Who is the Islamic religion's idol?

There is no "idol" worshipped by Muslims. Muslims worship The Creator=Allah. Allah is a word only used for "The Creator" and cannot be pluralized or assigned to either gender. Idol worship is strickly forbidden in Islam and is what was prevelent in the pre-Islamic era/society. Muslims are not allowed to have statues, they worship The CREATOR not the created.

Why do people worship Allah?

Some people believe that Allah is the one true God.

What is the name of an Islamic place of worship?

The Muslims may worship Almighty God (Allah)) at any clean and pure place. The particular place for worship is called Mosque - Masjid.

What do Islams think of Allah?

What do Muslims as in people think of Allah. They submit and worship to him. Islam as in the religion was created by Allah.

Why was the reason people was made?

to Worship Allah "god"

Who does the Muslim people worship?

Allah, which means "God".

What is the Islamic name for Allah?


How do Islamic people worship?

Worship is to obey Allah completely, love Him completely, respect Him completely, do what He loves, and keep away from what He hates. Prayer is an act of worship. Fasting is an act of worship. Zakah (charity ) is an act of worship. Hajj (Pilgrimage) is an act of worship. Learning Islam is an act of worship. Saying good words is an act of worship. Avoiding bad words is an act of worship. Dua (or Supplication) is an act of worship. Doing any good deed in order to please Allah is an act of worship. Also, avoiding a bad deed in order to please Allah is an act of worship. For more details, please refer to the linked sites.

How many people worship the sun?

No muslims worship the sun. They only worship their one and only lord, Allah

How many people worship Allah?

Currently, approximately 1.6 billion people in the world call themselves Muslim and worship Allah. That number is 23 percent of the world's population.

What is the main religious message behind the Islamic faith?

To worship the one and only God, Allah. Literally, Islam in Arabic means peace and submission to the will of Allah.Hope that helped.

What are the two teachings of Muhammad?

the two basic islamic teachings are only worship the allah and never associate any thing to him and submission to orders Allah and believing the here after world .