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No, Jake T Austin only speaks English.

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Can you chat with Jake t .Austin?

on his fan phone site you can he will get on and chat with some fans

Did Jake T Austin ever have a gf?

no; but he will some day

Is Jake T Austin ticklish?

Probley,,, everybody is ticklish some where in there body!!

Does Jake T Austin have a pet?

yes. he has dogs, a goat, and some other animals

Did Jake t Austin have his first kiss?

No but some stranger kissed him but he didn't like it

Who are some famous current boy actors?

jake t. austin and logan roberts

Is Jake T Austin have Facebook?

yes he has a facebook n some hot pics LOL

Some cool Jake t. Austin site?


What language do Gdansk people speak?

People in Gdansk speak Polish, although some of the older generations may speak German as a second language.

Would Jake T Austin go out with some one who is 14 going on 15?

it depends on if your famous or not if you are then no if you are then yes

Will Jake T Austin ever get his own show?

Who knows. He probably will some time after 'Wizards of Waverly Place' ends.

Is polish a common noun?

The noun polish is a common noun, as in "I am going to use some polish." The word polish is also a verb, as in "I will polish my shoes." The noun Polish is a proper noun as a word for the language of Poland, "They speak English and Polish." A proper noun is always capitalized. As an adjective, Polish is a proper adjective as in "They are a Polish family." A proper adjective is always capitalized.

What are some pet names?

you can have many pet names depending on your language like for example i speak polish so i named my dog "misou" which means little bear in polish.

What languages are spoken in Warsaw Poland?

The main language is, of course, Polish, but English, German and Russian are widely understood.PolishWarsaw is the capital of Poland, so the language spoken there is Polish. Some staff at hotels and upscale restaurants also speak English.Polish

Does Jake T Austin have a girlfriend 2012?

well aparently hes been talking to some nadia girl alot lately :3

Would Jake T Austin date a celebrity that is 3 years younger?

since Jake is turning 16 he will only date some one 3 years younger so about 12 or 13 i think

What are some real facts about Jake t Austin?

he likes acting skatboarding surfing and being with hes costars david Henry and Selena Gomez

Does Jake t Austin smoke?

not at all . he's only 14 but some 10 year olds smoke even 2 year olds

Does Jake T Austin have a tan?

No ,his skin is just naturally like that, he is lucky cause he doesnt need a tan he has some pretty skin, very sexy :)

Who are some 15 16 or 17 year old celebrities?

Kate Todd, Miley Cyrus, Jake T. Austin, Justin Bieber, And Bridgett Mendler.

Does Jake T Austin star in any movies?

yes wizards of wavelry place the movie,Degio saves Africa, and some Dora the explorer movies

What are some young male actors 11 12 13?

well... you got me me stumped idk any young 1's except for Jake T. Austin

Is Jake t Austin and Justin Bieber friends?

I'm not for sure I think they are though some people say that they kissed, but I don't believe that cause there both to sexy for that.

What is Polands official language?

The Official Language of Poland is Polish. They have several different dialects. They also speak German and English and some French.

What are the names of some really hot boys?

Daniel Radcliffe, Zac Efron, Jake T Austin, David Henrie, Codey Linley, Mitchel Musso and Jason Earles.

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