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no, their chemical structures are extremely different.

2007-08-17 18:07:10
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What legal substance could make you positive for cocaine urinalysis?

One thing is the novacaine the dentist shoots you with when taking out a tooth.

Can lidocaine make a positive test for cocaine?

In a standard 5 panel preliminary test it may but once it is analyzed in a lab they are able to see the difference

Will depakote make you test positive for cocaine?

No! The only drug that will test positive for cocaine IS cocaine.

What can make your drug test come out positive for cocaine?

Try cocaine !

What kind of antibiotic will make you test positive for cocaine?

No known antibiotic tests positive for cocaine, at least in the US.

What would make a drug test for cocaine show false positive?

i tested positive for cocaine and never touched the stuff

Can procaine make you test positive for cocaine?

Can procaine make u test positive for coccain

Can bc powder make you test positive for cocaine in a urinalysis?

No. If you're referring to the commercially available product known as "BC Powder," it is mostly an aspirin and antacid compound sold as an over-the-counter headache/stomachache remedy.

What will make you test positive for cocaine?

I didn't use any cocaine, so how did i test positive for it, is it possible that i may have consumed something else that would have made me test positive.

Best thing to cut coke with?

One of the best things to cut coke with is Lidocaine, which is commonly used by dentist as an anesthtic. The main advantages about using Lidocaine to cut your cocaine is that it is completely odorless, it comes in a white powder form and it also numbs you as soon as you taste it. Being that it is an anesthetic, it can actually make your coke seem more potent. However, I would recommend that the amount of lidocaine used to cut coke be no more than the amount of coke used.( i.e- 50 grams of coke should be cut with 50 grams of lidocaine). NOTE: If you are using lidocaine, make sure the quality of your cocaine is GOOD.

Will one line of cocaine make you test positive?


Can Sudafed make a positive drug screen for cocaine?

cocaine is an opiate... sudaphed can produce positive results for amphetamines(cocaine is NOT an opiate (it is derived from the coca plant not opium), but I do believe sudafed would only produce a false positive for amphetamines)

Can Adderall make a drug test turn positive for Cocaine?

No, but it will test positive for amphetamines. No, but it will test positive for amphetamines.

What products will make you have a false positive urine test for THC?


What over the counter drugs will make you test positive for cocaine?


Cephalexin stays in system for how long?

Will Cephalexin make you test positive for cocaine?

Will using ultram make you positive for cocaine usage?

Ultram is non narcotic... so No =)

Can tonic water make you test positive for cocaine?

It can, but you'd have to drink a LOT of tonic water to do it.

What could make a blood test positive for cocaine metabolite when you used 9 days before?

Hmmm...the cocaine you used nine days before would do it.

Will flax seed show up as a drug in a drug test?

Will flax seeds make you test positive for cocaine

What medications will make you come up positive on a drug test?

Ritalin comes up as crack cocaine I believe

Is there anything in sugar corn syrup jello water cannabutter and flour that could make the candy test positive for cocaine?

No.. The only place cocaine is found is in the coca plant leaves..

Are there any drugs that could make a person test positive for cocaine in a urine drug test?

I recently lost my job and probably my CDL from a drug test. I was told that I tested positive for cocaine. I have also had a cold for the past week and have taken a lot of medication. I do not do drugs and believe some of these medicines have as cocaine. I need some help.

Can azithromycin make you test positive on a urine drug screen?

Antibiotics are known to throw false positives for cocaine and heroin.

Will whey protein make you fail a urinalysis test?