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Can Magic jack connect into the internet modem?


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No. The Magicjack has to plug into the USB port of a computer, and the computer has to be on for the phone to work.

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The modem on your computer must connect to your Internet Service Provider's server over a land telephone line. You connect the computer's modem to a telephone jack as you would a telephone.

You can connect your laptop to a dial-up connection, or you can use a high speed Ethernet cable to connect from your cable modem or Ethernet wall jack to your computer. If you want wireless internet, you will need a cable modem or an Ethernet wall jack and a wireless router.

'No modem present' generally means an error with the connection to the internet. The Modem is the middle component between the router and the internet, it recieves data from a jack that allows internet access, which is passed through the modem to the router so that wireless enabled devices can access internet. A computer can connect directly to the modem in order to gain internet access and a router is optional not compulsory.. Without a modem, you cannot recieve internet access. Diagram: Internet jack > Modem > Router > Wireless enabled device.

Your question presupposes that you have subscribed to cable internet service, and that the provider has run a cable to your home. It also presupposes that you have a cable modem. If these suppositions are correct, you just have to run coax between the cable jack on the wall and the cable modem. Then you need to connect the modem to your computer via USB, FireWire, or whatever interface your modem and computer have in common. FriPilot

I don't see how you PS3 USB does not connect to the internet and it is for a PC and not a PS3

Magic jack plus. Need to have internet

No, no existing phone line is needed, just internet service. the Magic Jack connects either to your modem or router, or to the USB port of your computer, depending on which type you purchase.

On a DSL Modem you will find an RJ45 (Resistor Jack) connector with the help of which you can connect to an ISP of your choice.

you put it in the USB port of your computer and connect the phone to the magic jack

You could pay a cable company for Internet and they would supply it to your house. Then you would connect a modem to a tv jack and a router to the modem. Then you have wifi. For more information, you should contact a cable provider near you.

You can have a Cat-5 line coming from another telephone jack or the Network Interface Device, but the Cat-5 line must connect to a jack, to let you connect an RJ11 phone line to the modem.

An RJ-11 connector is used to connect a 2- or 4-wire from an analog modem to a telephone jack.

that all depends on your hardware and your operating system, if you have an internet connection via dial up, you will have to connect your PC with a modem to a phone jack, if you are using DSL, it is very much the same way, but you need to call a company like Verizon to setup your equipment. If you are using cable/highspeed internet, and you already have it turned on, connect your modem to a cable jack, then connect your PC to an Ethernet cable and connect the other end to the modem, if you are using windows, it will connect almost immediately, if you are trying to use a wireless connection, please setup your wireless router, and plug in a wireless adapter on your PC (unless you have an internal one) if you have windows, you can then connect to the adapter and connect to your wireless connection, it may take a couple of minutes for windows to setup the connection between your computer and the router, but after that you are online.

No, while an ethernet cable plug looks like a phone jack cable plug it is actually larger. The PS3 can not be connected to the internet with dial up internet service and an ethernet cable is meant to be connected to a modem or router.

simply plug the magic jack into your high speed internet modem or router, or the USB port of your computer connected to high speed internet, depending on which model you have, and then plug the standard phone line from you telephone into the magic jack. However, I have read somewhere that the magic jack can be jerry-rigged so that it works through existing phone lines and wall jacks, but I have not been able to find that method. Does anyone else know how to do this?

You would need to use a PC to connect to the internet with the modem. Then use a network card to connect to a hub. Use the hub to connect to your Playstation. Then setup the PC as a proxy server.

An ethernet cable may look like a phone cable but it is not and would not serve any purpose to connect one to your phone line. The Cable modem has an ethernet cable as an output to a PC, router, or other device and not an input to provide internet access

You cant it is from the internet. Magic Jack play's the song's live from the internet. So what ever that person is listening to on there phone and there friend has a magic jack. another person would be listening to the same music because somebody that there talking to has a magic jack. (It like a magic Jack radio)

You can indeed call Haiti with a Magic Jack but only if the individual in Haiti has a Magic Jack with internet service as you do.

No. The latency involved in Satellite Internet is not compatible with VOIP.

I have magic jack and it does make our internet connection rather poor.

It needs to be run from the wall to a network switch. If all the wall jacks are to a switch, any computers plugged into the wall jacks will be able to network with each other locally. (for such things as sharing folders and printers) If the Switch is then plugged into a working modem, the modem gives the switch access to the net. So for a wall jack to be "live" it needs to have cable run to the switch, and the switch will need to be plugged into a standard power outlet. to summarize: computer---->wall jack----->switch----->modem----->internet ____________________________________________________________________ you can also run it like so: computer---->wall jack----->modem----->internet (the switch simply splits the 1 modem connection into many connections. This allows more than 1 computer to connect to the net from that 1 modem)

I don't think magic has faxing features, Although magic jack is a voip service but faxing over internet uses account or specialized fax software. Try RingCentral for better understanding of internet faxing.

Connect dsl line from phone jack to a Wireless Modem/Home Gateway/Wireless Router. Install a Wireless network adaptor(available USB types) in your computer in the other room and connect your computer to the Wireless modem through WLAN.

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