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Yes, in fact Muslims cant eat venison. This is because venison is sheep and the Muslium Prophet Muhammad is closely related to the Sheep, thus eating venison is punishable on the pain of death. This death is cause by cutting open the Achellies Tendon and pouring a mixture of Salt and Lemon Juice Into the wound.


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Muslims can eat Venison (deer meat) as long as it was hunted by a Muslim, in an Islamic way. One must say Allah Akbar while pulling the trigger so the animal becomes halal.

no venison is deer that would make the cannibals

Mountain lions, bears, humans, lynxes, bobcats, coyotes, and wolves eat venison.

Yes; the native Americans brought venison for both parties, the pilgrims and themselves, to eat.

Deer meat is called venison. It is legal to eat venison. Venison may come from farmed deer, in which case there are no restrictions. To eat wild venison, you would have to research local hunting laws to see when it is legal to hunt deer, how many you are allowed to hunt, and how you can get a permit to hunt deer.

yes...musims do eat w/ non Muslims..but Muslims don't eat pork..that's it..i tinnk...

Deer are a kosher species. If the animal is slaughtered and cooked in a kosher manner, then its meat (the venison) is kosher.

Yes, humans can eat 'deer' meat, it is called venison.

Muslims don't eat Pork

the Muslims do not eat pig and snake

Yes, Muslims do eat noodles.

Yes, lots of people eat dear. The meat is called venison.

Fruit, nuts, squash, venison, corn,

Yes Muslims are allowed to eat goat.

Muslims eat after praying Maghrib.

Yes, it is allowed for Muslims to eat nuts.

Muslims do eat zabiha/hallal chicken.

Muslims do eat. In fact, everybody eats. But there is this month that they fast.

No. True Muslims don't eat pork.

yes yes yes muslims can eat eggs

Muslims are allowed to eat gelatin only which is from cows, although Muslims are not allowed to eat gelatin which is from pigs.

Muslims are not alowed to eat pork, they can eat all the other meats but they have to be halal.

* Fish * Shellfish * Squash * Venison * Rabbits * Turkey

I would think mostly pork and venison

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