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Can Narcissists ever be haunted by the abuse they put their victims through?

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2009-06-02 19:09:59

* I believe in the phrase "what comes around goes around" I have

seen it happen and yes it is possible that a narcissistic person

can be haunted by what he/she has done. You have to believe it. It

will happen--maybe not exactly the way you would like it to happen

but you will recognize it when it does. Good Luck! == == == == *

Most certainly. Even though they are egomaniac enough to catch

their victim(s) in their web of deceit and mind control qualities

they can love and feel some form of guilt even though they would

rather put the blame for their own weakness' on others.

Narcissistic trap themselves in their own web of deceit. People

simply don't put up with them for long and friends and family will

ditch them and lovers will leave them. At least one of their lovers

will have meant something to them and the narcissist will be

haunted by having lost this person. If they choose not to get

counseling (most don't seek it because they feel they are

intellectually above this) they will wind up alone at sometime in

their life. They've burned all their bridges and there is no place

left to go! === === * They are not haunted by their actions, at

least not in the way a human being with "Normal" Personality

Disorder would. They do however suffer the consequences of their

behavior. Even then they will continue to blame others and use

their own suffering to elicit more attention from anyone who cares

to listen. Yet they can never EVER comprehend that the events

around them are caused by their own actions, much less apply a

conscious change to their own behavior. == == * There is

always hope that they will someday recognize the effect of their

erroneous thinking and abusive behavior. However, it may not be

helpful for either party to go back to those they have wronged with

apologies. It wouldn't be right to re victimize a person to cure

the accuser. Haunted? No, I don't think so, but if they figure it

out through counseling not only will the cycle of abuse stop, they

may be able to help others. == == * No, they are not capable of

having any feelings for other people, they only care about

themselves. == == * I worked for one and knew his scams in detail,

watching how he hurt everyone around; multiple women, but also

business associates, clients, workers, etc. I thought, "How is he

not drowning in stress and anxiety and guilt?" Or like many who

knew him asked, "How does he sleep at night?" Well, he did and

easily. Because he can't feel anything for anyone else. Also

a narcissist's rationalization ability is better than the healthy

person. He ends up not believing he caused harm because, for

reasons he produces, it is all very justified.

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