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Absolutely; if no quarters are available (unlikely) they can be assigned to the next lower rank quarters if available. That happens aboard ship a lot when an Admiral comes aboard and the highest rank onboard is an O-6.

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What rank is equivalent to gs 15?

Either O5 or O6... depends on the specific job.

There are two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom for each carbon in?

a carbohydrate. For example, pentoses are C5, H10, O5, and hexoses are C6, H12, O6 <- glucose.

C12 H10 O5 plus H2O -- 2 C6 H12 O6?

that's wrong, you got 6 O on left but 12 O on right.

Who ranks higher captain or comandor?

Commander is a rank exclusive to the Navy. It is the equivalent of an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (O5). A Navy Captain is equivalent to an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Colonel (O6), whereas a Captain in the Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps is O3. A Navy Captain outranks a Commander, but a Commander outranks an Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps Captain.

What rank in the navy is equivalent to the rank of colonel in the air force?

Colonel is O6 in the USAF, USA, and USMC. In the Navy, 06 is Captain.

Six roles of the president?

o1. Chief of Stateo2. Chief Executiveo3. Chief Legislativeo4. Commander in Chiefo5. Chief Diplomato6. Chief Administrator

Is a captain a higher rank than commander?

This all depends on which branch of the military you are talking about. In the Army, Air Force, & Marines the term "Captain" is typically interchangeable with the term "Commander." A Captain typically commands a company-sized element. Of course, there are also Battalion, Brigade, and Division Commanders as well who are much higher in rank than Captain. Army/A.F./Marines Navy Rank/Grade: Rank/Grade: 2LT/O1 = 2nd Lieutenant ENS/O1 = Ensign 1LT/O2 = 1st Lieutenant LTJG/O2 = Lieutenant Junior Grade CPT/O3 = Captain LT/O3 = Lieutenant MAJ/O4 = Major LCDR/O4 = Lieutenant Commander LTC/O5 = Lieutenant Colonel CDR/O5 = Commander COL/O6 = Colonel CAPT/O6 = Captain In the Navy a Captain outranks a Commander as described above.

What are cellulose molecules made up of?

A chain of hexagonal glucose molecules (C6 H12 O6). When 2 glucose molecules bind, a water molecule is released, making cellulose a chain of C6 H10 O5 (It loses an H2 O).

What are the different ranks in the army?

e1 e2 e3 e4 e5 e6 e7 e8 e9 e9 e9 O1 o2 o3 o3 o5 o6 o7 o8 o9 o10 commander n chief

How much is the salary of a US Navy Captain?

Depending on time in service a US Navy Captain (O6) makes from $6,897 to $9,910 per month in base pay. in year 2009

How much is 25 decogram?

250 grams deco=deca http://www.easycalculation.com/unit-conversion/weight-factors.php http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?o2=&o0=1&o7=&o5=&o1=1&o6=&o4=&o3=&s=decagram

What is the pay grade of a captain?

O3 in the Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force; O6 is the Navy and Coast Guard (a Navy and Coast Guard Captain is equivalent to an Army/Marine Corps/Air Force Colonel).

What is the equation for C6H12O6 in water?

C6 H12 O6(s) + H2O gives C6 H12 O6(aq) MECHANISM-C6 H12 O6(s)---->(L.E or H sublimation)C6 H12 O6(g)---------->(H hydration)C6 H12 O6(aq)

What is it when plants take in carbon and make it into oxygen?

Photosynthesis. The formula is, 6H2O + 6CO2 + cholrophyll -> C6 + H12 +O6= glucose (sugar) The waste left over is what we breathe, oxygen (O6)

In the navy is a captain a higher level than lieutenant?

Yes, in all branches of service. The Navy uses a different structure for officers than the Air Force, Army, and Marines. In the Navy, a Captain is O6, equivalent to a Colonel in the remaining branches. A Navy Lieutenant is O3, equivalent to Captain in the other branches, and a Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade is O2, equivalent to a First Lieutenant in the other branches.

What is snakewood?

snakewood, Rauwolfia serpentina (East Indian climbing shrub with twisted limbs and roots resembling serpents)http://wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?o2=&o0=1&o7=&o5=&o1=1&o6=&o4=&o3=&s=snakewood&i=0&h=0#cRef:

What is us navy rank V6?

There is no rank V6 in the US Navy. You might mean one of the following: - E6 > Enlisted, Paygrade E-6, Petty Officer First Class (PO1) - O6 > Officer, Paygrade O-6, Captain (CAPT)

Is a commander higher rank than captain?

A Navy or Coast Guard Captain outranks a Navy or Coast Guard Commander... however, a Navy Commander outranks and Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps Captain. Captain in those three branches is O3 - the Navy/Coast Guard equivalent is Lieutenant. In the Navy and Coast Guard, Captain is O6 - the equivalent rank in the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps is Colonel.

Which has the highest a rank captain or colonel?

This is filed under US ARmy and US Navy, so let me clarify.. A Captain in the Army is pay grade O3, whereas a Colonel in the Army is pay grade O6. Colonel is the higher of the two. The Navy has a different rank structure for officers than the other branches. A Captain in the Navy is 06 - equivalent to Colonel. The rank of Colonel does not exist in the Navy.

Why is o6 a helium like ion?

Helium has two valence electrons. O6+ ion (a hypothetical ion) will also have 2 valence electrons.

What is c6 h12 o6 o2?


What is the equation for cellular respiration?

C6 H12 O6 + O2 ----> CO2 + H2O + ATP C6 H12 O6 + O2 ----> CO2 + H2O + ATP

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