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Iron can be coated with copper, but it is 3 times the cost

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Q: Can Other than zinc what metals are used to prevent rusting?
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Why can't coffee prevent the rusting of nails?

It needs more than being coffee to prevent

How effective are steel castings at preventing rusting?

Steel castings can prevent rusting depending on what the kind of steel. Carbon steel may cause rusting at a higher rate than stainless steel.

Does fermium rust?

Rust is a term that specifically applies to the corrosion of iron and other iron alloys (ferrous metals) through oxidation. As such by definition other metals do not rust. However other metals can be corroded (broken down into constituent elements / atoms by chemical reactions). This process in other metals is therefore known as corrosion rather than rusting.

What are the advantages of using copper gutters rather than other materials?

Copper gutters have the advantage of not rusting, although they are more expensive to install. Annual maintenance must be performed to prevent the copper from tarnishing.

What metals softer and more reactive than other metals?

Alkali metals Alkaline earth metals

Difference between rusting and combustion?

Rusting is much slower than combustion, and rusting in the strictest sense can occur only with iron or its alloys.

What other substances are non irreversible other than popcorn?

Any chemical reaction, such as metal rusting, or toast burning are irreversible.

What other metals other than copper are good for electric?


What are the Sources and sinks of dissolved oxygen?

Sources: Photosynthetic plants. Electrical refinement of metals, (refinement by coal would use more than it would produce.) Sinks: respiration by animals, fungi and other decomposures. Oxidation of minerals (think of a rusting car body.)

Why are lead and mercury considered heavy metals?

they are considered heavy metals because of the weight to volume ration in comparison to other metals. they have more mass with little volume than other metals do.

Why are alloys created?

Alloys are more durable than normal metals, this is because its lots of metals together. Its also cheaper to produce than some other metals.

How do you prevent a garbage problem?

Compost what can be composted. Reuse rather than toss. Recycle materials such as metals and plastics.