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Can Palkia learn flamethrower in Pokemon pearl?

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Palkia can learn flamethrower with a TM otherwise NO

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Turtwig. but you need to get a fire-type or get a good Pokemon that can learn flamethrower like Gyrados.

You can get Palkia in Pearl, otherwise you have to transfer Palkia from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon Diamond.

yes you can catch palkia in pearl and also dialga

You can catch Palkia in Pearl and tranfer Dialga to pearl from diamond.

You cannot catch Palkia in Pokemon Diamond. Palkia is only obtainable in Pokemon Pearl. You can only obtain it by trading with a Pearl owner.

NO!!!!! YOU CAN ONLY CATCH PALKIA ON PEARL you can't catch dialga on Pokemon pearl but you CAN trade it you only get both in Pokemon platinum

some of the Pokemon are different such as diamond has dialga and pearl has palkia some of the Pokemon are different such as diamond has dialga and pearl has palkia

Palkia is only on Pokémon Pearl.

you get palkia in the spear pillar

In Platinum version Houndoom learns Flamethrower at level 48. in diamond and pearl Houndoom also learns it at level 48.

no, dialga is in pokemon diamond. PALKIA is the one in pokemon pearl

palkia was not created until Pokemon pearl was released

Palkia cannot learn Draco Meteor by leveling it up.An old lady near Route 210 can teach draco meteor to dragon type pokemon

Well you cant get dialga in Pokemon pearl but you can get palkia

You can't catch Palkia in Pokemon Diamond, you'll have to trade with Pokemon Pearl

To catch palkia you will need to trade him with Pokemon pearl. NOTE: You catch palkia in pearl and dialga in diamond.

Only by trading from Diamond. In Pokemon Pearl you get Palkia and in Pokemon Diamond you get Dialga.

The main rare Pokemon in pearl is palkia

Sorry, you can't. You have to get Pokemon pearl for that. If you buy Pokemon platinum you can obtain dailga, palkia, and giratina!