Can Pokemon go over lv 100?

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there is no way unless you use an action replay or a Nintendo event.

How do you get shiny lv 100 Pokemon?

YOU CAN ONLY DO IT IN A SNAP WITH AN R4 BUT TO GET IT WITH OUT ONE THERES A BOX IN THE LOG IN PAGE the code is 5m0h11st it worked for me so if it doesnt for you dont blame me my friend did it

Whereare lv 100 Pokemon?

You can't catch Level 100 Pokemon in any Pokemon game. The highest catching Level in Pokemon is Level 80. You need to raise your Pokemon to Level 100 or trade for a Level 100 Pokemon to get one. You can also challenge Level 100 Pokemon, but only in the organized challenges of the Pokemon games (i.e. ( Full Answer )

Lv 100 wild Pokemon?

Actually its possible, use Action Replay, use youtube to find it. It really worked for me.

Could Pokemon Go Over Level 100?

Only by the use of a cheat device (eg. gameshark) or, in the original red and blue games, Pokemon over lv.100 could be caught in the wild using the missingno. glitch. However, if the latter were used in a battle and earned experience (there is no exp. gain in link battles, so you could use them in ( Full Answer )

How do you make your Pokemon easily lv 100 in Pokemon pearl?

if u have an actionreplay u can go on and get the rare candies x 999 , then, once u get 2 the game screen, press l + r + select . then u should b able 2 go 2 ur bag. open up ur medicine poket, and u should hav 999 rare candies!

How do you get a Pokemon lv 100?

level up your Pokemon by fighting or give them to a day care center (weak Pokemon) wait 5 months they should be at least lv. 93. then train them up and wala!

Rate my Pokemon diamond team 1-10 Noctowl lv.100 Persian lv.100 Golduck lv.80 Raichu lv.100 Leafeon lv.100 and Typhlosion lv.80 will i beat the elite four and the champion?

Eight out of ten I think, and the Elite Four and the Champion's Pokemon range from level 48-65 so you should have no problems getting past them. The only other thing is watch out for Cynthia's Garchomp and take it out ASAP. Good luck with your challenge!\n. \nonly Raichu, Typhlosion and Leafeon ( Full Answer )

How do get a lv 20 Pokemon in pearl to lv 100 without traing?

Just beat the elite four with the Pokemon then go to hearthome city win a contest with it then press up.down,left,right,x,y,l,r,a,b,x,x,l,r save then while saving turn it off and then on again its level 100!!! it work'd to me!

How do you get a pokemon to lv 100 fast?

Without cheating, you just have to train it a lot. You could also earn 6,400 battle points, trade them in for 100 rare candies and feed them to your Pokemon.

How do you get lv 100 mew in Pokemon pearl?

if its with a action replay its with wild Pokemon modifier codes and with wild level 100 Pokemon cheats and you also can find celebi without action replay go to celestic town and go to the shrine your gym badges need to be super-hyper-ultra clean to do that good luck (but i think i was tricked to th ( Full Answer )

Lv 100 Pokemon action replay code for Pokemon pearl?

Wild Pokemon Level 100 (Hold Select) 94000130 fffb0000 d5000000 00000064 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 c0000000 0000000b d7000000 0002461c dc000000 00000006 d2000000 00000000

Is Mewtwo going to be at lv.100 when you catch it in Leafgreen?

no level 70 but his moves suck i caught with my masterball he knows: swift, recover, safeguard, psychic . an easy way to catch him with out masterball is have lv 61 raichu hopefully you traind from the beginning of game like me i got pikachu at lv 3 anyways moves shock wave received by lt. surge ( Full Answer )

Can a Pokemon go passed lv 100 on pearl?

No-- but I think you can use the Action Replay, or there might be a glitch that can make you Pokemon over lvl. 100. In the Red/Blue/Yellow versions, a glitch (called the ZZAZZ glitch) will make your Pokemon lvl. 153.

Why is your shiny Metagross lv 45 when you migrated him to Pokemon platinum and in ruby he was lv 100?

this is pretty complicated so I'll keep it short and sweet. When you migrate a Pokemon, whatever level it was when it evolved, (Metagross LV. 45) It will become that level, this is because, if you just migrated lots of high level Pokemon, you would easily beat the game and it would be a waste o ( Full Answer )

Pokemon how to get to lv 100 easy?

Here is the easiest possible way there is no easier way than this, First you need to mix records with other ruby and sapphire and emerald games to get there secret bases and make sure the games have really strong Pokemon that your Pokemon can handle, mix records with the strong Pokemon in your party ( Full Answer )

What the Pokemon diamond code that makes your Pokemon GO over 100?

Who told you there is one. Whoever told you that is a big, fat, liar! If you thought that yourself, think again, dude! You should stop playing Pokemon! Your probally 11-15 yrs. old, I am correct? So stop playing Pokemon! It kills brain cells! Well, that's what I have heard. Don't kill those brain ce ( Full Answer )

What is the pearl code for Pokemon over LV 100?

There is no such code. The game is encoded to set a maximum limit of level 100. But in the Red/Blue/Yellow versions, there are numerous glitches. Some can take your level to level 153. Also, a glitch Pokemon called Q evolves at level 239 into a ゥゥ♂.

How do you find lv 100 Pokemon in emerald?

there are no lvl 100 Pokemon in the wild. The only ways to do so are to... 1.train a Pokemon to that level or.. as cheap as everyone else and use a gameshark, you would be surprised at what those things can do to a game.

How do you create all lv 100 Pokemon cheat on pokesav?

That depends... Do you just want to turn all your Pokemon lvl 100, or all the Pokemon in the game, including wild Pokemon and trainers' Pokemon? As far as your own, you can set their level to 100. But you also have to set their stats to what they should be at lvl 100 manually, as well as movesets, b ( Full Answer )

This is my Pokemon team Lucario lv 100 Blissey lv 100 Spiritomb lv 100 Garchomp lv 100 luxray lv 100 and lapras lv 100 is it good?

Without other information such as movesets, natures, EV spreads, abilities, etc. It is impossible to tell how good your team truly is; however, based solely upon your pokemon, one can say that your team is fairly viable. A few problems if you're planning on competitively battling with said team are ( Full Answer )

How can you train a Pokemon faster to ''Lv'' 100?

There is actually only two ways to do it, one is to get the cheatcode for rare candies but that is cheating, but the other way is tokeep doing the elite four over and over again Hope I helped! :)

What is the best lv 100 Pokemon?

That's a good one but that's difrent for everyone but i think its arceus cus it can lern every move

How do you make Pokemon lv 100 ruby?

A lot of training. In Emerald you can rebattle the Gym Leaders and this is a good way to get your team to a high level. If you don't have Emerald and only Ruby, your only other option would be to use a ton of Rare Candies. But you loose the EPs that way.

Rate My team lv 100 arceus Lv 100 darkrai lv 100 darkrai from Pokemon ranger Lv 100 dialga Lv 100 palkia lv 100 Giratina?

6/10 You have two of the same Pokemon which is a no-go, regardless of where they come from. You have 3 dragon type pokemon, 2 of which are weak to dragon type attacks. The lv 100 Arceus is a good choice, seeing as though the type can be changed at will. You team ultimately lacks speed, but that i ( Full Answer )

How do you evolve lv. 100 in Pokemon white?

You can't; nor can you in any other Pokèmon games unless it evolves by trading or if you evolve it with a certain stone. The reason is because Pokèmon's levels cannot go higher than Lv. 100 (Unless you have cheats) therefore, let's say you had an Oshawott level 100, he'll never get to be a Dew ( Full Answer )