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Yes. My mother has been practicing this for many, many years now. Indigenous knowledge? Probably. According to her, this practice is common in their barangay since she was young. She is now 67 years old and she came from a rice farming community in Cagayan Valley. She puts few fresh leaves of pomelo depending on the amount of rice to be poured in our rice dispenser and it works! No bugs in our rice. You just have to change the pomelo leaves every time you put another sack of rice in your dispenser.

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Does mosquito repellant cure pimples?


Is malunggay effective as an alternative mosquito repellant?

Mosquitoes can be nuisance when they are around your home and in your garden. Malunggay extract is used as natural mosquito repellant.

Effectivity of lanzones peel as a mosquito repellant?


How do you make a mosquito repellant lansones?

super scientists

What is the best using mosquito repellant ointment or spray?


What are the uses of ipil ipil leaves?

use as insecticidesit is also use as mosquito repellant or as mosquito coil

What is the procedure in making mosquito repellent out of apple peeling?

significance of the study of apple peeling as a mosquito spray repellant

What is the statement of the problem of dried apple peeling as a mosquito repellents?

significance of the study of apple peeling as a mosquito spray repellant

What is mosquito punk?

A mosquito repellant that you light on fire that creates smoke that repells them. The ones I see are usually green and in a spiral

Is pandan leaf a possible mosquito repellant?

yes, it has the odor that can kill mosquitoes

What are the prevention for dengue?

Dengue is caused by mosquito bites. A good way to prevent getting bitten is by using insect repellant or a mosquito net.

What mixture in yellow ginger used as a mosquito repellant?

There is not a mixture for using yellow ginger as a mosquito repellent. However, burning the ginger plant outdoors is said to repel mosquitoes.

Are guava leaves effective mosquito repellant?

Guava leaves are one of the natural mosquito repellants. Other plants that are effective include lemon grass, cacao leaves, citronella, and eucalyptus.

Is oregano leaf a possible mosquito repellant?

Possibly although the leaf may not be concentrated enough by itself. oil of oregano has been proven to be an effective natural mosquito repellantafter extracted.

Why are mosquitoes afraid of eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is a natural mosquito repellant. Mosquitoes are not actually afraid of eucalyptus but they do not like it and will stay away from it.

How do you prevent flies from bothering your baby?

Use mosquito repellant lotion for baby that can be bought to drug store or department store.

Does kakawate contains deet that can be a mosquito repellant?

Kakawate is a natural mosquito repellent that is being studied in place of deet based repellents. Scientists are developing new mosquito repellents since mosquitoes have developed resistance to deet based products.

Why does madre cacao leaves effective as mosquito repellant?

Cacao leaves make a good mosquito repellent because it is not appealing to mosquitos. To make a repellent, the leaves are boiled, and the juices are used for repellent.

What is the circuit diagram of Mosquito pester?

A circuit diagram of a mosquito pester or repellant can be seen at a website called Circuits Today. The diagram is based on the theory that mosquitoes can be repelled by using sound frequencies.

Is guava leaves can use as mosquito repellant?

guava leaves is also advisable as mosquito repellent like apple and orange peels.. just boil them and then add some Thai lemon grass... :)

What is a good natural mosquito repellant?

try taking garlic pills, the mosquitos can smell it in your blood nd they dont like the taste

How people contract malaria?

Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease, endemic to certain parts of Africa, especially. In these areas, it is important to sleep with mosquito netting around you, at night, and to have insect repellant on you and with you at all times.

What are the other uses of lanzones peelings asside from mosquito repellant?

Lanzones peelings can used for many other things aside from mosquito repellent. Uses include as incense, an antibacterial agent, and diarrhea treatment.

What vitamins that you get in pomelo?

what vitamins that i get in pomelo

Why oregano is an insect repellent?

I think this is one of the most unique uses of oil of oregano. Imagine a natural mosquito repellant without using strong DEET's and other pesticides. Oregano oil was shown in studies to be an effective natural mosquito repellant. This study found Oil of Oregano repels mosquitoes better than traditional chemical repellants like DEET. Research has shown a solution of 2% oregano oil makes an effective mosquito repellant. Another great use of oil of oregano.Reference:

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