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No, The battle phase cannot be conducted on the first turn of a duel and the only part of the turn that a player can attack is their battle phase. And the effect of "Raging flame Sprite" only lets you target opponent for an attack so it's effect still needs you to declare an attack to work.

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Q: Can Raging Flame Sprite attack your opponent directly with its effect on the very first turn of a duel?
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Can raging flame sprite attack your opponent directly or has to attack a monster first?

Raging Flame Sprite Has To Attack A Monster First To Attack Your Opponent Directly.

Can Raging Flame Sprite attack your opponent directly when they have monster out on the field?

Yes unless ur mom is out there then ur screwed cuz shes is huge!! I hate yugio, it can burn in He11 for all i care.

In yugioh If you have two monsters that cant be targeted can your opponent attack you directly?


If you use raging flame sprites effect can you attack your opponent afterwards?

no because that card has already preformed is battle phase

Can you attack amonster on the field and an opponent directly in the same turn even if the creature attacking the creature doesnt destroy it?

You can't attack an opponent's creature directly. you attack your opponent directly with your creatures. It's up to them to decide whether or not to block. The exception to this is if one of your creatures has the Provoke ability which means you can force another creature to block it.

What damage does your opponent take when a monster's effect lets it attack your opponent directly?

The damage is equal to the monster's ATK, with all bonuses and penalties applied.

What does sp atk do?

A special attack is an attack where your Pokemon doesn't directly touch the opponent (like tackle, slam, mega punch and chomp). Moves like surf, confusion, psychic and hydro pump are special moves because your Pokemon didnt directly touch the opponent. There are no exeptions that I know of.

Can all Toon monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh attack directly?

There are two different "kinds" of Toon monsters that behave slightly differently. The newer Toon monsters state the following:While you control "Toon World" and your opponent controls no Toon Monsters, this card can attack your opponent directly.So as long as you control "Toon World", a Toon monster can attack your opponent directly even if they control monsters.However, the older Toon monsters and "Manga Ryu-Ran" state:This card can only be Special Summoned while you control "Toon World". ...When "Toon World" is destroyed, destroy this card. If your opponent doesn't control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent directly. If your opponent controls a face-up Toon Monster, you must select it as an attack target.Unlike the newer Toon monsters, these monsters can attack directly even if "Toon World" is not on the field. This is because if "Toon World" is removed from the field other than by being destroyed (returned to your hand, returned to your deck, etc.), your Toon monsters will not be destroyed as well. And since there is no requirement for "Toon World" to be activate so they can direct attack, they can do just that.

Can your opponent attack at all if you have only two Marauding Captains on the field?

Yes, there are still a few ways your opponent can attack you even if you have twoMarauding Captain cards face-up on your side of the field. Your opponent can still attack: face-down monsters.non-Warrior-Type monsters.your Life Points directly if a card effect will allow it.Multiple face-upMarauding Captain monstersonly prevent your opponent from attacking any face-up Warrior-Type monsters you control.

How do you get goku's second ultimate attack in raging blast?

Well goku second attack in raging blast is super spirte bomb. All you have to do is power up to max and press RS button.

How do you change your ultimate attack in dragon ball raging blast?

You can't

If you attack with submarineroid how much attack does it have?

Submarineroid has an original or starting ATK of 800. If you attack an opponent's monster with greater than or equal attack, Submarineroid, would be destroyed just like an other monster. Now, I think the answer to your question is this. When Submarineroid attacks your opponent directly with its effect, the card states This card can attack your opponent directly. When it does, any Battle Damage this card inflicts to your opponent becomes the original ATK of this card. So it will always inflict 800 damage. If you increase or decrease its ATK it will still inflict 800 damage. But if your opponent has no monsters and you directly attack your opponent, Sub wouldn't be attacking using its effect. So the damage inflicted to your opponent will be whatever its ATK is taking into account any increases or decreases in ATK. I hope I'm not going too far, but just to make sure it's understood, here's a scenario. Your opponent has a set monster and Messenger of Peace (MoP) on the field. MoP doesn't let monsters with 1500 or more ATK declare an attack. You have Submarineroid equiped with Axe of Despairmaking its ATK 1800. MoP will not let you attack with Sub because its ATK is over 1500. If MoP wasn't on the field and you attacked directly, you'd inflict only 800 damage. If you attacked the face-down monster you would compare Sub's 1800 ATK to the DEF of the monster to see if it is destroyed in battle. Hope this clears everything up!

After tribute summon can attack your opponent?


How do you use your ultimate attack in raging blast?

You have to click R3 on your controller. Its in the manual.

Can chimeratech overdragon fusion attack directly?

It can attack directly, as long as it did not attack any of the opponent's monsters that turn.

What is a counter attack made in fencing?

A counter attack is a move that happens when one's opponent is on the attack. When one's opponent is in the process of the attack (signified by the forward movement of the arm holding the blade), the counter attacker will attack into his opponent's attack. Essentially, the counter attack is a move that either stems out of a lack on the fencer's part to use another move, or an attempt to hit their opponent before they themselves can be hit. A counter attack can only be called as such if the other fencer has already begun their attack.

If you have an Earthbound Immortal monster can you attack an opponent's monster or do you have to attack directly?

They 'can' attack directly, meaning they are free to attack the opponent's monsters instead if you wish.

How do you you do counter supers in raging blast 2?

you can't countering an attack of that power is impossible

How do you know if a Pokemon will attack first?

You won't. You will only know that YOU will attack first if you paralyze the opponent.

What does offensive mean in civil war?

to actively attack the opponent

How can you use unpredictable in a sentence?

It is difficult to attack an unpredictable opponent.

How do you do a knockdown attack in dbz raging blast?

When a person is lying on the grond, do a throw attack. It's basicly a throw move when the person is lying on the ground.

What does getting higher in your attack level mean on runescape?

Improving your attack level increases your chance to hit an opponent.

How do you beat time attack under 30 seconds in DB Raging Blast?

that's physically impossible

Can you create characters on dbz raging blast 2?

You can't create your own character but you can customize characters such asGoku + Meele Attack =A Goku with a Meele Attack