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Yes and no they need water to eat but they can be on land

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No, red eared sliders can't live in saltwater. They are fresh water turtles.

other red eared sliders and mayby goldfish.but 1 thing i know that live with red eared sliders are betta fish.becuse ive kept them together before several times.becuse i have ared eared slider and a male betta.

Fellow Red-eared Sliders.

They live in water or an aquarium

When you feed a red eared slider, the food should be in the water.

Sure, they do it in the wild. If you have pet red eared sliders and geese then as long as the geese don't pick on the the turtles you will be fine.

In captivity, red eared sliders live in aquariums. In the wild, when not perched on a rock basking in the sun, they are found in streams, creeks and ponds with mud bottoms.

yes, mini red eared sliders do exist

No, red-eared sliders are not illegal in England.

No, red ear sliders cannot live in salt water. They Cannot handle the heavy salts.

If red eared sliders need air they either stick their head out of th water or go on the land. If kept at home they must have some type of land or bridge to get air from.....

Red eared sliders live for around 40 years and get to be 10-12 inches.

Red eared sliders, as well as all turtles and tortoises are egg layers.

Yes, red eared sliders eat minnows in the wild and in captivity.

Sure - if you want the fish to get eaten !

no and yes. Red Eared Sliders can eat corn but it is better if they eat greens.

No. Red eared sliders are water turtles, while box turtles are land turtles.:)

yes they can be separated because by nature, red eared sliders are solitary creatures.

red eared sliders shed the outer layer of there Shel and some skin when the grow

Wild Red Eared Sliders hibernate (brumate) in ponds or bodies of water at the bottom in the mud.

Yes, but there are other species of sliders that do not.

Red eared sliders can eat crickets.

No, baby red eared sliders can't have babies. They need to reach sexual maturity.

Red eared Sliders should be fed a small amount of carrot every 5 days, Carrots are not very healthy for Red eared sliders, Red eared sliders can also be fed minnows, kay and cooked chicken, ONLY WHITE CHICKEN

Hopefully you have a terrarium, because the box turtle is a land turtle, and the red eared slider is an aquatic turtle.

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