Can STDS come back?

You can be re-infected with a Std.
Yes it can.

It depends on what the STD was. If it was something like gonorrhoea that responds to antibiotics, the gonorrhoea can come back if the person does not finish the course of antibiotics. This time, the gonorrhoea will not respond to the antibiotic because it will have developed resistance to it, so another antibiotic will have to be used. If there is one that will work against that strain.

STDs such as Herpes will be with you for the rest of your life, as there is no cure. You will go through remissions and relapses. Relapses come about when you are stressed, run down, overtired etc. When Herpes flares up again, the Dr can treat it with zovirax, but it can't be cured yet. A pregnant woman with herpes will be advised to have a Caesarian section to avoid infecting her baby.

Syphilis is on the increase again, and it usually responds to antibiotics. There are 3 stages of syphilis. The sign of the first stage is a painless pearl-like chancre at the place the germ entered the body. As it is painless, many people do not seek treatment and the infection appears to go away. If it is left, the other two stages will come sooner or later. This is to be avoided as Stage 3 is known as GPI or General Paralysis of the Insane. The condition is beyond treatment at that stage. As syphilis can be passed on to an unborn baby and cause deformities especially of the baby's nose, the pregnant mother has a blood test to check for syphilis and other infections so that preventative treatment may be given.

Some STD's are not STDs but women fear that they are. I'm thinking particularly of thrush/candida, which is normally found in the body. It flares up in hot weather, especially in women who wear nylon next to their skin, when a woman has had too much sugar, when she has taken an antibiotic for something or when she is stressed out. Thrush is not an STD or a sign of being 'dirty', and is easily treated.

When a pregnant woman has her first antenatal check up, it is routine to test blood for STDs as well as for anaemia and blood typing so that if there is an active infection, it can be treated.

Anyone who is worried about the possibility of having an STD should make an appointment for a check up at a special clinic. The staff are not judgemental and nasty; they will think you are being responsible and mature to have a check up if you have any worries. In most places, you don't even have to give your real name.