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Can Seismic waves travel through space?

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Do seismic waves travel fastest through liquids?

No. Seismic waves travel fastest through solids.

What does seismic mean?

(not seismic, seismic wave)Seismic waves are waves of energy that travel through the earth.

How do seismic waves travel?

Seismic waves travel through the earth as body waves and surface waves. Body waves travel through the inside of the earth and surface waves travel along the surface of the earth.

Which forms of matter can primary and secondary seismic waves travel through?

Primary seismic waves are longitudinal waves. Longitudinal waves can travel through solids, liquids and gasses (although seismic waves are of to low a frequency to normally be heard). Secondary seismic waves are transverse waves and only travel through solids.

How seismic waves change as move through the earth?

seismic waves change speed as they travel through different materials. they travel through liquids only, that is why no seismic waves are recorded in the outer core

What type of wave can't travel through empty space?

While electromagnetic waves can travel though the vacuum of space, we know that mechanical waves like sound or seismic waves cannot travel except through a physical medium.

What do p waves travel through?

P-Waves are seismic waves that travel through solid, liquid and gas.

Is seismic waves and earthquake waves the same?

Seismic waves are any waves that travel through the Earth. As such all earthquake waves are seismic waves, however not all seismic waves are caused by earthquakes.

What kind of seismic waves do and do not travel through liquid?

S-waves can not travel through liquids. By Hollie

Seismic waves that cannot travel through liquids?

Shear Waves (S Waves) cannot travel through liquid

Do P waves travel through the crust?

p waves are seismic waves that travel through solid,liquid,gas.

Seismic waves travel fastest through what kind of rock?

Seismic waves are of two types the P waves and the S waves. The P waves are the first stronger waves that travel through solids and liquids and the S waves are the follow up waves that can travel only through solids. The velocity of the waves depends on the nature of medium it travels through. The denser the material, the faster the seismic waves travel. The P waves travel at about 5000 m/sec in granite.

What is seismic wave?

Seismic Wave : Waves of energy that travel through the earth

What waves travel through solids liquids and gases?

Seismic waves travel through solids, liquids, and gases.

Through what do seismic waves travel fastest?

They travel fastest through solid rock.

Which seismic waves travel the fastest?

Primary Waves are seismic waves that travel the fastest.

How do seismic waves travel from the focus?

Seismic waves are the earths crust vibrating. there are two types of waves P-waves and S-waves (Primary and Secondary) Primary waves travel faster than s waves and can travel through solid and liquid, S-waves can only travel through solids

Which type of seismic waves can travel through earth's outer core?

Primary waves ( P-waves) can travel through earth's outer core.

What type of seismic waves cannot travel through water?

Secondary waves cannot travel through anything that is completely liquid

What affects the speed of seismic waves?

The speed of seismic waves are affected by the type of material that the waves are traveling through. in other words (as an example): some type of waves can travel through rocks but not through liquids.

Wave that can travel through an empty space?

Waves that can travel through an empty space are called electromagnetic waves.

Which type of waves can travel through matter and empty space?

Electromagnetic waves can travel though empty space. Sound waves can travel through matter.

What types of waves can travel through empty space?

Only non mechanical waves such as electromagetic waves can travel through empty space.

Why can radio waves travel through space but sound waves can not?

Radio waves travel through empty space because they are electromagnetic waves, whereas sound is a wave that must travel through air.

What is a seismic monitor?

A machine or program to measure seismic waves that travel through the earth after an earthquake or explosion.

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