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NO! First of all a collection agency does not have legal power to attach or seize any property belonging to a debtor. Due process of law must be followed, meaning a lawsuit. If the creditor wins the suit (they always do) a judgment is entered against the debtor. The judgment creditor can then execute the writ against any non exempt property belonging to the debtor. All SS benefits are 100% exempt from creditor action of any sort. The collector/agency should be reported to the attorney general's office of the state in which the debtor resides, as they have violated the FDCPA by making false statements, using coercion and intimidation tactics and so forth. No. All Social Security Benefits are exempted by Federal Statutes from creditor Macky (

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Q: Can Social Security benefits be garnished for a credit card debt?
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Can your Social Security payments be garnished to pay credit card debt?

No, they can not garnishee your Social Security payments.

Can Social Security benefits be garnished to pay a credit card debt?

No. All SS, SSD and SSI are exempt from creditor action.

Can Social Security VA disability compensation be garnished for credit card debt?


Can senior citizen's Social Security and pension benefits be garnished for non payment of credit card debt?

No. If a creditor other than the federal government tries to garnish your Social Security benefits, inform them that such an action violates Section 207 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 407).

Can a Social Security disability or a retirement pension check be garnished in MI for credit card debt?

No, all SS benefits are exempted by federal law from creditor garnishment.

Can pension funds other than Social Security be garnished for credit card debt in the state of Florida?

If it's counted on your taxes it can be garnished.

Can Social Security disability be garnished for credit card debt?

No. All Social Security (SS, SSD, SSI) are protected by federal law from attachment for creditor debt.

Can credit card co garnish non social security disability payments?

can my non gov't ss disability payments be garnished?

Can credit card companies garnish part of your social security check?

No. Only courts (judges) can garnish wages or social security benefits.

What people are covered by Medicare?

Persons over 65 who have 40 quarters of credit for Social Security contributions, or receiving disability Social Security benefits.

can a credit card company garnish your retirement from a previous workplace or your social security?

Social security and retirment benefits cannot be attached by a judgement from creditors.

Can people on social security get help with credit debts?

The answer is 'No". Social Security benefits are to help those on retirement with help for everyday living costs, like food and/or rent. They do not help with credit debts.

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