Can Superman defeat Thor

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Yes, definitely. Superman will not actually kill him but put him down. Thor is nothing besides a weak man without his hammer. Superman is more powerful than Thor in several ways. Thor fights using his mighty hammer whereas Superman, with deadly powers, mortal punch and heavy kicks. If Superman throws 100 punches in two seconds at Thor, then its a goodbye for the son of "Ordin". According to the Hero lists, Superman stands first, Hulk goes second and Thor the third. Putting the man of steel down is something incapable of doing.

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Q: Can Superman defeat Thor
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Who would win Superman or Thor?

Thor would win because he can block the sun light by making a storm and superman will become vulnerable, then with the hammer Thor can easily defeat superman even kill him.

Who is stronger Superman or Thor?

Thor would crush superman with his hammer.

What is a narrative of Thor vs Superman?

One day, Thor was going to find a mysterious gem. He heard a strange noise. "What was that?" Thor asked himself. He finally found Superman. "Let her go or I'll kill you!" Thor yelled to Superman. "No. I will not be bullied by anything. I am The Man of Steel." Superman threatened. "Don't you dare threaten me!" Thor said. Thor punched Superman. Superman used heat vision. Shazam came to the rescue. "Let him go or I'll punch you." Shazam yelled. Thor didn't listen. Shazam tried to rescue Superman but Thor hit him with his hammer. Shazam finally went away. Superman used force. "You threaten Metropolis and I'll kill you." Superman threatened. Thor took revenge. "It is difficult to stop Loki because of you." Thor yelled. Superman flew him into space thinking that Thor had no self control. "I met the Hulk.'' Superman said. "And he wants me to stop you." Thor hit him but it was no use. Superman flew Thor to Metropolis. Thor hit Superman but it was no use again. Superman punched Thor into Asgard. Superman won! Odin was mad at Superman. "He threatens Metropolis." Superman said. Odin ignored Superman. Superman flew to Hulk.

Who would win Superman vs thor?


Who is stronger thor or Superman?

Thor by far. Superman is is useless. Thor is a god, therefore there's no way he could lose. aka superman beat darkseid and hes a god superman is the strongest superhero ever

Thor vs Superman?

If Thor went against superman I would think that superman would win. Well you would be incorrect Thor is a God with no limits or weaknesses it would be a good fight but he couldn't match Thor's stamina.

Who would win a fight between thor and Superman?


Who will win against thor vs Superman?

If Thor and Superman fought, the winner will be either Loki or Lex Luthor.

Who would win in an arm wrestle between superman and thor?


Who would win in a fight of Superman vs Thor?

Superman all the way! Thor. It's the hammer, he is used to squishing spiders.

Is Superman stronger than thor?

Yes he is.

Is Superman is stronger than thor?


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