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I would recommend a Rice Hull pillow. But not one that's stuffed too tight. They are hard to find. Most are stuffed too tight and you can't use them for multiple positioning. They are all expensive, but knowing this, you can start shopping now!

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โˆ™ 2006-05-08 09:02:37
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Q: Can Tempur Pedic pillows be compared to Buckwheat pillows and which is better for the neck?
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What are the advantages of Tempur pillows?

With the invention of Tempur pillows, many people are finding that they are sleeping better. Tempur pillows are hypoallergenic, made of foam, easy to clean, and support all the proper pressure points.

Is the tempur pedic pillow better than regular pillows?

yes,I recently bought a tempur pedic pillow and it is like i am actually sleeping on a cloud. I love it and I will never give it up, EVER, in the world!

Are buckwheat pillows better then feather pillows?

For most people, yes they are. They help relief back, neck and shoulder pains. As well as help with snoring, restlessness, TMJ syndrome, and headaches. The materials are also organic.

Choosing Between Types of Pillows?

In the old days, a pillow used to just be a pillow. Not anymore. Nowadays, there are numerous types of pillows on the market, all claiming to enhance your sleep to ethereal levels the first night you rest you head on them. There are the traditional down pillows, the memory foam pillows and even the newer buckwheat pillows. Depending on your specific needs, one of these may suit you better than the others. Down Pillows Down feather pillows have always been a solid choice for comfortable pillows that last a long time. They’re by far the softest pillows available. They’re also usually some of the cheapest, since there isn’t a whole lot of science that goes into making them. Those considering the down pillows should first check to make sure that they don’t have any allergies associated with the types of feathers used. Memory Foam Pillows Unlike the down variety, a lot of science is put into the creation of a memory foam pillow. The original model was designed back in the 1960s by none other than NASA. The polyurethane material is made to retain its shape after being slept on overnight. It is one of the best pillows for neck support, so you can wake up without sore muscles. People who have problems getting up in the morning often find the memory foam pillow the best option. It is also quite resistant to dust mites. Buckwheat Pillows Buckwheat pillows are the latest in a line of organic-style pillows. The insides are stuffed with buckwheat husks, which are surprisingly comfortable. These pillows are also fairly easy to adjust to the shape and weight of one’s head. Many people like buckwheat pillows because they are friendly to both animals and the environment. A small percentage of people are allergic to buckwheat, however, so that is something worth checking out before buying one. Each type of pillow on the market has its strengths. Once you find the one that suits your needs the best, you’ll finally be able to rest in peace.

Is it better to buy a body pillow or two standard pillows?

Body pillows are great for single people. Depending on the kind of body pillow that you get these would be a better choice than 2 standard pillows. Standard pillows work great if there is more than one person.

Why are there pillows on couches?

Generally, pillows are on couches to make them more comfortable. They make them look better too.

Does the tempur pedic swedish mattress improve posture?

Yes, tempur pedic mattresses improve posture. This is done by keeping the neck and back in perfect alignment for a proper posture, also providing better sleep.

Is it better to sleep with or without pillows?

It's better to sleep with pillows for the spine, when in proper alignment, possesses a natural S-curve, which pillows support during sleep. But it really depends on the person. Some people sleep better without a pillow and wake up without any pain.

What benefits does a Tempur Mattress give?

It gives you better posture, more sleep comfort. Very well made and will last for a long time. If you have sleeping problems and have difficulty being comfortable a tempur mattress will really help you out.

What are some of the benefits of a Tempur Pedic memory foam mattress?

Some of the benefits of sleeping on a mattress made with Tempur Pedic memory foam include a better support for the different regions of the body, as the material presents less resistance to lighter parts thus better accommodating your weight.

What are the advantages of a tempur memory foam mattress?

The advantages of a tempur memory foam mattress are not only sleep beneficial but health beneficial as well. Spinal comfort, better rest, and softer sleep surface are just some of the perks!

Are down pillows better than feather pillows?

It really depends on each individuals preference. I find feather pillows to have less support and they tend to fall out of shape quicker than down pillows. I also don't like how the feathers poke out of the pillow.

Why does your dog bite pillows?

It has nothing better to do. Take it for a walk.

Is my vagina nasty and large b.c i hump pillows how do i stop?

OMG just throw out all your pillows and you'll be fine :) PS try to find a dildo they work better:))

Which is a better brand - xolo or micromax?

Xolo is a better brand as compared to the micromax brand.Micromax is a better brand as compared to the Xolo.

How was the Tempur Pedic Swedish Sleep System created?

The Tempur Pedic Swedish Sleep System is an innovative foam mattress that supposedly helps one sleep better. It was supposedly created by NASA, originally created using the technology available to astronauts and how the body reacts to different cushioning materials.

What are the advantages of a down pillow?

The biggest advantage of a down pillow is that it is much softer than the typical pillow. While these pillows are more expensive, down pillows also hold their shape and temperature better.

How long does a memory foam pillow last?

memory foam pillows are great if you have neck or back problems but they only last about 2 years. eventhough you might have to buy a new one every couple years they are a lot better than air beed pillows like the sobakowa cloud pillows.

What are the benefits of foam pillows?

There are many benefits of foam pillows. Some of the benefits are cheaper cost, no animal cruelty and abuse is involved and it is also considered to provide better posture for one's head while sleeping.

Is Canada better than Pakistan?

Canada is better because you can live better and longer COMPARED TO Pakistan that is.

Which pillow height is better during asthma attack?

I'd say about 2 fair size pillows. With three, you can cause pain in your neck. I used to sleep on 2 when I could not breath. Yes, I had asthma. 2 good pillows should do it.

What is better about hypo-allergenic Pillows?

Bed pillows provide a space for dust, dirt and dust mites. While pillow slips are frequently changed, the pillow itself is not, so allergens can collect and cause problems. Given that we lay our heads on these pillows, it makes it easy to inhale the allergens. Pillows made of hypo-allergic material (no feathers or down) do not provide the kind of environment preferred by dust mites, so that problem is dramatically decreased or eliminated.

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How have memory foam pillows been proven to improve to overall health?

A new pillow, whether memory foam or not, can contribute to health by promoting comfortable sleep and alleviating stress on the body. Memory foam pillows are said to contour to an individual's body and promote positive alignment while sleeping. Better sleep contributes to better health.