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Can Tenancy By The Entirety protect a home in Louisiana?

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No. TBE does not apply in Louisiana as the state is a community property state.

2006-08-14 17:43:32
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Q: Can Tenancy By The Entirety protect a home in Louisiana?
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What does TE mean in real estate?

There are four forms of co-ownership for property. If you are planning on purchasing a home or inherited property with another, the property is owned as a tenancy in common, a joint tenancy, through community property or tenancy by the entirety. Tenancy by entirety is specific to married couples.

Married couple have Florida deed in Fee Simple spouse dies intestate does deceased spouse's child from previous marriage have any claim to interest in home Is Florida default Tenancy in the Entirety?

The default tenancy on a deed to married persons in Florida is tenancy by the entirety.

How can you protect yourself when not married and buying a home together?

Be certain the property is titled properly. Property is generally held in one of two ways, Tenancy-In-Common or Joint Tenancy.

What if 2 people are on a mortgage and one moves out of the home in North Carolina?

The names on a mortgage are not what decides ownership, the deed to the house is the determining factor. Married couples generally own a house by Joint Tenancy With Surviviorship Rights, Joint Tenancy or in a few states Tenancy By The Entirety. Even if one spouse leaves the residence he/she does not lose their rights of ownership.

In North Carolina if husband and wife are both on a deed to a home and one dies can the other person sell?

That depends on how they held tenancy. If they held with the right of survivorship then the surviving spouse would own the property. There would be survivorship rights in a tenancy by the entirety or a joint tenancy with the right of survivorship. If they held as tenants in common others may have an interest in the property if the decedent didn't devise their share to the surviving spouse by will.

My ex wife is filing bankruptcy and we have a home loan in both your names what happens to the loan?

The loan may not be the real problem, but how you own the property (tenancy by the entirety, joint tenancy, tenants in common). The loan is secured as to the two of you, and if she is trying to surrender her interest to the mortgage company in a chapter 7, she might be able to. I suggest you talk to the or a divorce lawyer about the law in your state.

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What is assured tenancy?

In the UK, an assured tenancy is the usual form of letting if:· you are a private landlord and your tenant is a private tenant;· the tenancy began on or after 15 January 1989;· the house or flat is let as separate accommodation and is the tenant's main home.

How old to rent a home UK?

In the U.K. you must be at least 18 years old to hold a tenancy, however children may hold a joint tenancy if one of the holders is 18+ or they may arrange a 'tenancy in trust' with a friend or professional who is 18+.

Is at home childbirth legal in Louisiana?

Yes the child birth at home is legal in Louisiana.

If a husband and wife are buying a home but only his name is on the mortgage will there be any problems if he is sued?

If "problems" means would the home be in jeopardy if a creditor sues and wins a judgment, it is possible. How the property is titled and state homestead laws determine what action a judgment creditor can take against a debtor's home not the mortgage agreement. For example, a home that is held jointly by a married couple as Tenancy By The Entirety is not subject to creditor action when only one spouse is the debtor.

How can you protect your attached home when your neighbor is foreclosed on?

Protect your home from what? What do you mean by attached home?

Average size for a house in Louisiana?

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Moible home owners rights while renting a space in a mobile home park?

These will be outlined in the agreement you signed with the Park and also in Local Tenancy laws. -Consult your Provincial or State government information office to find out which department administrates Residential Tenancy Law.

How long do you have to move a mobile home out of a mobile home park once evicted in Louisana?

You would get the best answer to that from your local Government Tenancy dept.

In New Jersey is the surviving spouse responsible for credit card debt when the account was solely in the name of the deceased spouse?

No, New Jersey is not a community property state. It does however recognize Tenancy By The Entirety when it pertains to real property. Therefore the family home will pass directly to the surviving spouse and not be subject to probate unless the titling to the property is otherwise worded.

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Mom paid for home- Step-dad name was put on when refiance done- He will not sign quit claim deed- Mom wants step-dad off deed- how does she sever joint tenancy?

Your mother should consult an attorney ASAP. It is relatively easy to sever a joint tenancy with the right of survivorship. Under her particular circumstances she should make certain it is done properly under your state law in order to protect her interests. It may be as simple as her conveying her interest to a "straw" at the attorney's office and the "straw" immediately conveys that interest back to her. The tenancy would devolve to a tenancy in common.

What is the age you can leave your child home alone in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the age where you can legally leave your child home alone is 12 years old.

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