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Can Triaminic be taken with Zoloft?

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You should ask your pharmacist, they are trained to know about drug interactions.

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What antihistamines can be taken with Zoloft?

can zyrtec be taken with zoloft

Can Zoloft and abilify be taken together?

Abilify + Zoloft can be taken together.

Can you take ciprofloxacin and Zoloft together?

can ciprofloxacin and zoloft be taken together

Can Zoloft and Concerta be taken at the same time?


What is sertraline And what does it do to you if it is taken?

Sertraline is Zoloft. It is an antidepressant.

Can OTC cough medication be taken with Zoloft?


Can Zoloft and xanax taken at the same time?

Yes, my doctor has me on both - the Zoloft I take once a day. The Xanax is taken as needed, up to three times a day.

Can zoloft abilify Wellbutrin and trazodone be taken together?


Can Zoloft and Strattera be taken together?

Yes, Zoloft and Strattera can safely be taken together. Zoloft is used to treat depression and anxiety; whereas, Strattera is used to treat forms of ADD and ADHD. As long as the directions provided by your doctor are followed correctly, there is no problem with it.

Can 100 mg of zoloft and 10 mg of ambien be taken together at bedtime?

yes, but it's better to take your Zoloft in the morning.

Can you take Zoloft and oxycodone?

Call your pharmacist PLEASE. In general zoloft and certain opiods should not be taken together. Certian people do have a tolerance limit as to how much opiates they can take along with zoloft. If the medication must be taken for pain consult the perscribing doctor if you are uncertain as to the dose or interactions. If zoloft is taken with oxycodone basically the zoloft may not work as well and may cause a sort of withdrawl. Taking a single dose of oxycodone might be ok but prolonged use of it along with zoloft may lead to unwanted symptoms. DO NOT stop taking ZOLOFT once you have started it!!! The effects are very bad for many people who try to stop zoloft all at once. Please call the pharmacist.

Can Zoloft and xanacx be taken together?

Yes, you can. I have for months now. Dr. prescribed. No problems. But I've read you can't take Valium with Zoloft.

What sleep aid can be taken with Zoloft?

Benadryl, melatonin, or Dramamine will help you sleep

Can seroquel zoloft Ativan and hydrocodone be taken together?

Sure, if you want to die.

Is it all right to take a multivitamin and zoloft at the same time?

I was wondering if I could take my multivitamin and zoloft at the same time. I'm worried about the obsorption of each if taken together.

Can triaminic be taken with Benadryl?

If the Triaminic has an "antihistamine" in it, then you don't need to take Benadryl. Benadryl is an antihistamine that usually stops the itchy nose/ears, and sneezing. If you look at the ingredient in Benadryl (plain Benadryl, it's pink) you will notice it's in a lot of cold medicines. It's also in some sleep medicines. It usually makes you drowsy, that is why.

Can you use triaminic cough medicine on your dog?

You can give your dog certain over the counter cough medications for humans that contain dextromethorphan. This does include Triaminic cough medication.

Can you take Valium and Zoloft?

A person should only take Zoloft and Valium together if the doctor prescribed the medicine to be taken together. Always speak with your doctor before mixing any medicines.

Can you take Celebrex and Zoloft together?

Yes, both drugs can be taken together if both are required and prescribed for you.

Can Adderall taken with Zoloft?

Yes; you can. I'm taking that combination now. Works great together; At least for me it does.

Can you take triaminic thin strips and Tylenol?

Just read the Triaminic packaging. Tylenol's active ingredient is acetaminophen. If the Triaminic does NOT contain any acetaminophen, then you can safely take them together without double doses. If Triaminic DOES contain acetaminophen, then try taking Motrin or Ibuprofen 2 hours after the acetaminophen. Check with your pediatrician! Call their office number and get connected to the after-hours emergency service. A nurse will gladly call you back about medication questions.

Can someone take Ativan zoloft and xanax bars at the same time?

can zolof and xanax taken at the same time

Does Zoloft contain opium?

zoloft contains?

Can you mix childrens Tylenol triaminic?"

Can I give my cat children's triaminic for its cold?

I just took my one month old kitten to the vet today. The vet suggested Childrens Triaminic 1.5 cc. My kitten did not like the taste at all.

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