Can Turbo Sim unlock iPhone 4 like factory unlock will the iPhone 4 get lock again when you reset it into the factory setting?

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ya it can...but if phone import from uk so its difficult
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Is the iPhone unlockable?

The answer is yes. It is very easy to unlock iPhone nowadays.Unlocking websites are everywhere, they are a great help. You canalso watch tutorial in YouTube to unlock it by yourself.

Can you unlock an iPhone?

yes, depending on weather you're using a mac or a pc there are several sites on google. I've posted on here previously about this. I used jailbreak my iphone to help me unlock my phone but if you don't like them there's probably 50 sites on google that will be able to help you. I asked before I fork ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock your iPhone?

Push the oval type button on the right-top of your iPhone thenslide the arrow across your screen from left to right. If you havea password or fingerprint ID you'll need to use that.

How do you unlock an iPhone?

To get a permanent unlock from a trusted vendor I use iFactoryUnlock. They can do AT&T in the USA and a bunch of other networks world wide. So far I have used them for 3GS, 4, and 4S unlocking on AT&T and T-mobile UK. hope that helps! Read more: http://wiki.ans ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock the iPhone?

I will assume you do not mean the "Slide to Unlock". Unlocking your phone's cellular plan is probably what you meant. Having your phone unlocked means you have the ability to get cellular service, but without need of a contract. Unlocked iPhones cost $450 more than their contracted counterparts. Yo ( Full Answer )

What is an unlocked iPhone?

An unlocked iPhone is being able to use your iPhone with any carrier not just one carrier like AT&T in America.

Can iPhone be unlocked?

Yes ! iPhone gets unlocked by using software/hardware/IMEI unlocking method/ using Remote unlocking service. It doesn't requires jailbreaking. It is available at .

What does an unlocked iPhone do for you?

Unlocked iPhones can run apps which Apple bans from its App Store. This can give your iPhone additional functionality. In addition, unlocked iPhones can be used with other phone companies. This means that, for example, in the United States, you could take your iPhone to a cellular service company ot ( Full Answer )

How unlock iPhone?

all you do is buy a turbosim card off of eBay for 10-15 dollars. you just place the turbosim on your own sim card, put it in your fone, and it will be unlocked to work on any network. I don't know where else you can buy it. look online. They got free software nowadays that unlocks your iPhone: ht ( Full Answer )

How do you unlocked the iPhone?

i typed this earlier on another question. on the search bar , type in : Is the iPhone unlockable ? : this should bring you to an answer that should surely help you ! (: hope i helped,,

Is it necessary to have AT and T sim in iPhone for unlocking the iPhone?

Firstly, AT&T is spelt with an '&' symbol.. Secondly, if your purchased your iPhone from the online Apple Store, the handset will already be unlocked and you can use any service with the handset. However if you purchased the handset on a network service plan, you will need need to contact your serv ( Full Answer )

How do you know the iPhone is unlock or lock?

You can put a SIM from just about any network in the device and make or receive a call! Otherwise you could go into an Apple care store and ask them to tell you. If you cannot trust a seller that it is unlocked before you buy it off of ebay or some electronics store, you may want to purchase a Ne ( Full Answer )

How can you unlock a iPhone?

If you press the square button on the front of the Iphone (the central button), you will see either keys for you to type in your password or you will see a little red bar to the bottom right of the screen. You drag this red bar quickly to the left hand side and the Iphone is unlocked.

Will and unlocked iPhone 4 from the US work on the Philippines Globe Telecom network?

Just got back a month ago from the Philippines. I have an unlocked US version of iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0. Worked like a charm. Hence the word "unlocked" so yeah it will work just fine. Unless you're iPhone 4 is running iOS 4.0.2 and above (which the latest is 4.3.1), then you're out of luck, that i ( Full Answer )

Can your iPhone be unlocked?

if you mean unlocked from a phone service then just go to your local phone shop, but make sure it is a franchise and ask for this phone to be unlocked

Can the iPhone 4 be unlocked legally?

It is now legal to unlock or jailbreak a iPod, iPhone or iPad in USA. By buying a Pay As You Go iPhone 4 it is unlocked to any network already (UK Only)

You found an iphone but its locked how do you unlock it?

Hold down the top lock button and the home button down until the apple sign comes up on ur phone, once this comes up release the lock button at the top but still hold the home button until the connect to iTunes screen comes up, once that screen comes up continue holding the home button and insert th ( Full Answer )

When will iphone 4 unlock software be out?

No any Software for iPhone 4 new Version Unlocking But Other Solution is available 1) Unlock With Factory Unlocking Services 2) Unlock With Superior sim Ultra+ Links are Here: For factory Unlocking : For Superior sim Ultra +: ( Full Answer )

Can you unlock iPhone 4?

Yes but it is not recommended and will void all and any warranties for the phone.

How do you put a sim in the iPhone 4?

1. Take the pin (which should be in the box that came with iPhone 4 or if not use a needle etc.) 2. Then, there should be a little hole on the rightside of the phone. 3. You push the pin hard in to the hole. 4. It should pop open and now insert the sim.

How do you unlock iphone 4?

Go to emergency call then type #### then hit call and right when u call hit the lock button if u have a jail broken phone it might turn off.

Do you like the iPhone 4 or the regular iPhone?

I prefer the iPhone 3GS. Primarily because it receives signal better and i find it's easier to hold but that's just me. Plus i like the variety of cases you can get for the 3GS which makes it much more personalised but im sure new cases for the iPhone 4 will come out soon enough!

Can you sell your locked iPhone 4?

YES, you can. There is at least one site online where you can sell your Used or Broken Iphones. I suggest you get a quote so you would know the real value of your phone.

How do you unlock your SIM on your iphone?

It depends. You could google it for your phone type in order to find unlocking codes, however this doesn't always work. The legal way is to contact the network that sold you your phone, although this usually incurs a fee.

How do you identify Factory UNLOCK iphones 3gs?

Not sure what you are asking. If you are asking, How do you identify If an iPhone 3GS has been UNLOCKED.. then, You would see a brown app with a little box inside named 'cydia' in with all the other apps.

How do you reset screen lock code on iphone 4?

I have a iPod and I am on it now... And for me you go to the settings and then go to general and click pass-code lock click it and type in your code... And then click turn off pass code then it is turned off!!

How do you unlock and jailbreak iPhone 4?

To jailbreak an iPhone 4 you need to download redsn0w. For better info go to youtube and search ' how to jailbreak iPhone 4 on (whatever your OS is .example: IOS 5).'

Why unlock your iPhone?

Unlocking your iphone can potentially give you many benefits likefree access to paid applications, desktop changes, manycustomizations and other.

How do you factory unlock any iPhone?

search on google and there are many factory iphone unlockers. for iphone 4s and 5, a iphone unlock sim card is also available, with a iphone unlock software AXPatch, it's easy and fast by a few mouse clicks.

How is an Apple iPhone 4 unlocked?

To unlock your iPhone, check with your carrier to ensure that they offer unlocking and that you meet the requirements to obtain an unlock. Otherwise check Craigslist for people who will do it for you.

How do you manually reset an iPhone 4?

That depends on what you mean by "manually reset." There are a few different methods of "resetting" your phone in various ways: * Go to your Settings app and go to General, Reset. You can choose various kinds of resets here, including resetting your network settings, erasing all your settings, eras ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock iPhone 4 modemfirmware 04.12.09 with superior sim Ultra?

Review: Superior Sim Ultra + For iPhone 4 Modemfirmware04.12.09 with Ios 7.0.4 SIM hack For much of the last two years time, even the manufacturer of theseSIM hack products acknowledge that their product is no longerneeded; so it was quite a surprise when Superior Solution announcedthat they have ( Full Answer )

How I can unlock my Iphone 4?

You will need to jailbreak your iPhone 4 to unlock it. Once youjailbreak the device, the warranty is void.

How do you unlock an iPhone 4 BB 04.12.09 with superior sim Ultra full guide here?

Hey guys, just wanna give a somewhat long-termreview on using the Superior sim Ultra+. Little background info: I split my time between New York and Tokyo so I need an unlockedphone. Contrary to what some people think, buying an unlocked phonein overseas market was difficult, some countries did not ( Full Answer )

If I factory reset my iPhone 4 will I lose my service?

If you factory reset your phone, you will not lose your services.You will just be resetting your phone to the way you started whenyou first got the phone. You'll have to re-download any of the appsthat you had on your phone unless you back your information up, butyou will not lose your services.

I have a unlocked iphone 4s but my friend says it is still locked How to unlock iphone 4s?

I had a iPhone 4s, Verizon carrier but i unlocked it for my friend so she can use it in different carrier. However, she told me that she can not use it because it is still locked. Even technical unlocker person can't unlock that cellphone. She gave me $200 on april but I feel like she is lying and w ( Full Answer )