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No. Unless you're buying something on the black market. Otherwise, you'll be expected to use Brazilian money, the real.

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What is the value of a 100,000 cem Mil Cruzados bill from Brazil in US dollars?"

Brazil does not use Dollars. Brazil uses the Real (plural: Reais). It is worth roughly about half of a US Dollar, so $10 = R$5

200 Banco do Brazil is worth $90.461 US dollars. This form of currency was issued by the government of Brazil between the years of 1853-1890. The currency now used in Brazil is called Brazilian Real.

55.5 percent of the Brazil money is the value of US dollars

Yes. The various dollars used outside the US are not the same as US dollars.

1000 Brazil mil cruzados = $ 600.96 US Dollars.

The currency in Brazil is the Brazilian real. One Brazilian real is equal to 0.45 US dollars or 0.33 Euros.

On 09/30/2008, (500/1.91) = US$261.78.

its called Brazil Dollars

The GDP per capita for Brazil in 2008 according to the CIA World Factbook was an estimated $10,200 (in US Dollars) ranking Brazil 102 in the world.

Dollars. The sign for dollars is $.

29.99 US dollars (used) 34.99 US dollars (new)

No never. No country in Europe has ever used US dollars as their official currency.

Economical Product is just a fancy word for Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. In Brazil the GDP is 1,573,400 US millions. So that is about 8,094 US dollars pre head.

what value of 500 cruzados of brasil to indian rupees

1 Brazilian real = 0.5376 US dollars

That would be worth around R$1000,00 depending on the exchange rates. Note that in Brazil the comma after the numbers marks the decimals.

29.99 US dollars (used) 34.99 US dollars (new)

Brazil is not part of US. Brazil is in South America. US is in North America.

It is mostly Used By Canada, US and Brazil Brazil= 10% Us=10% Canada=70% Canada uses the most hydro electric power in the world

Brazil receives millions of dollars from Britain.

The U.S has nothing to do with brazil or has anything with brazil.

Write to him/her at the US Embassy in Brazil.

No, only US dollars and Rubles can be used in Russia.

The US is bigger than Brazil. The US is 3,717,813 sq miles, while Brazil is 3,287,612 sq miles.