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No you can't. You would more or likely get refused if you get married before getting a spousal visa after you get married. So you would need to get that visa before the wedding, while on the tourist visa.


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you can get married but you cannot apply to remain here. you need to leave the uk and apply for entry clearance from turkey to come as the spouse of uk national.

US citizens don't need visas to enter the US, so it doesn't matter what kind of Indian visa you have. The Indian visa is permission to enter India.

yes through paper work and then you are welcome to come to the us as a us citizen.

It would depend on the circumstance,and the US Consul. However, they can obtain a K Spouse Visa, to come into the US to complete the resident process.Ê

The tourist visa is for a set time frame. You could get married, but the person would have to return home until they can get a residency visa.

Because he or she married an American citizen, he or she is now considered, by law, an American citizen. Therefore, the answer to your question is, yes.

cruise torist is tourist that come off the cruise transit tourist is tourist that come by plane day tourist is tourist who travel for one day stopover tourist is tourist who just come for one day and sleep over night

Yes they come on a tourist visa and marry a Russian girl , who they found on the internet.

tourist who come to Barbados mostly come from the UK and the USA.In other words tourist come from all parts of the world.

yes. i did it. there were no problems, apart from a 900 rupee bribe to the registy office. my Indian wife then got her UK residence visa, in India, then we flew back to the UK together. easy as that. Yes , for more info go to

marrying on tourist visa is a bad idea. that is exactly what consulate officers look for. when you are on tourist visa, be a tourist. dont look for marriage or jobs. better tourist visa holder goes back, you go to that country, marry there and come back after applying for h4.

No, cause they'll get your records. But, if you come back with a different name or last name you could.

There are a number of spouse visas, de facto spouse visas, prospective marriage or Fiance visas and partner visas.There are rules about the length of the relationship, whether you have resided together, who knows about the relationship and wther the relationship is 'genuine and continuing'.AnswerIf you're married to an Aussie they can't kick you out. If you get divorced, then they can. Come over on a tourist visa, get married, you're ok as long as you stay that way. No don't come on a tourist visa, the spouse visa is a better idea. That's what my mum did when she came here to marry my dad.

No priests are allowed to marry. However, it is only in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church that, ordinarily, married men are not ordained, in the other rites we do ordain married men. There are some exceptions in the Latin Rite, we do ordain permanent deacons who are married, and clergymen from other religions, think Episcopal or Anglican, who come into the Church and wish to be ordained, but no, no priests, Ukrainian or otherwise are permitted to marry, they all take a vow of celibacy before ordination.

Firstly, if the person is married in an another country and has come to a particular country illegally it is surely invalid to marry the person. Another thing, if the person is a citizen of that particular country in which he has married it is his right to first take a citizen of that country in which he is going to marry and then he can marry a person another to his own country.

It IS LEGAL to enter the US on a tourist visa to get married, but NOT if you intend to adjust status. Your spouse CAN travel to the US with a pending I-130, but MAY be denied at POE if the immigration official suspects they intend to immigrate. Take lots of proof that you have a compelling reason to return.The process was made so much easier by getting married in the US and then having another wedding in the UK afterwards. Your fiancee can come to the US and you can get married within the 3 month period she is a tourist. Or, apply for a fiancee visa and get married in the US.For furthur information on how to get the fiancee visa please feel free to visit this website and it will answer all your questions then afterwards you may want to look at this website address to furthur assist you It does seem a bit much but it is worth it in the end =) hope that helps!! Misty

One of the advantages is when tourist come, The people living there are getting profit from the tourist!(:

Your arrival in Cuba doesn't have a positive effect on your ability to get a United States Tourist Visa as a resident of the UK. If you are a British Citizen you may be able to come to the US without a tourist visa, under the Visa Waiver Program.

Tourists visit here who do not live here: they come from somewhere else.

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