Can Vitamin B make you pee a lot?

Well it sure can make the color of your urine flouresent. If you have recently started taking vitamins, you probably are becoming more health conscious and this means drinking more water. Hence, more trips to the bathroom. Thanks From AAFGROUPIE: I just started taking multi-vitamins and it's making me have to pee a lot more than usual. I haven't changed my drinking habits at all, just added the vitamin, so there must be something to it!?! I started taking the cardio vitamin pack from GNC and have been peeing all day every day and keep getting up when i lay down for be having to pee. I think there is something in there that make me pee. Are you taking the same ones ? I am taking the One A Day Energy vitamins and I can't go more than an hour without having to pee. It gets pretty annoying. I wonder what is in there that makes us pee. Maybe it is the Vitamin B? I've tried taking One A Day women's many many times, and always within a week I begin experiencing symptoms that resemble a urinary or bladder infection (frequent urination, feeling like I need to go but don't) and my mother-in-law who is a nurse practioner did some research and discovered that I suffer from a condition in which any change in the pH of my urine causes my bladder to become inflamed and makes me feel like I have an infection. I stopped taking them 3 days ago and I feel so much better! She also said that some people can suffer from this just by eating certain foods. So it may be worth it to stop taking them for a bit and see if it gets better. Otherwise, it will likely just get worse.