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Yes there are companies such as vonage that use voip. This is a great alternative solution to regular home phone services. Voip solutions usually require that you have high speed internet.

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Q: Can Voip solutions be used for home phones?
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Can voip phones be used with wireless broadband?

Yes. VoIP is also known as broadband phone.

What are voip solutions used for?

Voip solutions are used for combining all forms of communications into one solution that gives a business or individual a complete package. It includes your telephone, fax, internet, etc.

What is the purpose of a Vonage adapter?

A Vonage adapter is used to connect a home phone to a computer to facilitate VoIP services. The adapter works with corded or cordless phones and works on most phones around the world.

Expand VoIP a widely used system of communication nowadays?

Yes. Nowadays business communication system will adapt VoIP. Read this to have some information about the impact of VoIP.

How do VOIP internet phones connect callers?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a service which is capable of converting analog audio signals into digital data that can be used over the internet. It is in this way that VOIP connects callers.

Where can one purchase a VOIP soft phone?

One can purchase a VOIP soft phone from the NCH website. VOIP soft phones are used to make calls from ones computer and features call transfer and intercom capabilities.

What do VOIP phones for small business cost in a small office?

VoIP phones can be used for small business and I've found the lowest cost would be from Ring Central which provides business service at $20.00 per month with no installation costs.

What are similar technologies to VoIP?

The similar technologies that works like voip is the cellular phone. When there is signal , cell phone can make a call, same as VoIP when there is internet VoIP phones can be used too. They are both portable, accessible, and can be monthly bill or prepaid payment basis.

Where can I find a Polycom phone?

Polycom phones are VoIP phones that are used to make calls via the internet. These Polycom phones can be purchased at stores such as Best Buy, Office Depot, as well as on Amazon and EBay.

How are voip solutions used for small business?

This is important for businesses withemployees that are located in manydifferent geographic areas. It will reduce the cost you pay for the phone employees used.

Which technology of VoIP is used by IP phones?

VOIP is a telephone system that has been utilised by a number of manufacturers in their ranges of IP phones. It is used to create a better sound of voice reproduction and to eliminate interference from either handset. Digital products use Session Initiation Protocol and skinny client control protocol versions of this technology.

What is voip phone used for?

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol, also called IP telephony. It is a process of delivering voice communications over the internet. VOIP converts analogue voice signals to digital signals using the internet. This technology is becoming popular day by day because of many benefits and advantages delivered by the VOIP phone system. The VOIP phone system has become a remarkably successful communication tool in diversified business areas.

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