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It depends greatly on your situation. From collected experiences that you can see in the discussion feature of this question, most people seem pleased with the way it eases the ADHD symptoms. There are side effects though, and a few people have had some increase in edginess or anxiety (and far fewer have experienced agitation).

The best way for you to know is to talk with your doctor, and if this treatment is ok for your situation, give it a try and you will know.

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Nothing can treat ADHD because its s a Fake condition made-up by a drug company that had come up with a new drug. And No use for the drug! So they made-up their fake ADHD condition! Pay lots of illegal money to overly, greedy, so posit, doctors!

The drug is far more likely to harm the innocent people!

Pray to GOD about this!

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Q: Can Wellbutrin treat ADHD?
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Related Questions

What is Wellbutrin Concerta?

Wellbutrin and Concerta are 2 different drugs.Concerta is usually prescribe to treat ADHD. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant also used off label sometimes to treat adhd.

What antidepressants can be used to treat ADHD?

No antidepressant has been approved to treat ADHD; however, bupropion (brand name Wellbutrin) has shown some benefit in studies for adults with ADHD.

Is Wellbutrin used to treat ADHD?

Wellbutrin is frequently used in the treatment of ADHD and in my experience working in the mental health field, is typically one of the first medications prescribed for ADHD (Strattera is typically tried first) if someone has a history of addictions.

Can you add Wellbutrin to treat adult ADHD if you are already taking Pristiq for depression and Clorazapate for anxiety?

I wouldn't suggest taking Wellbutrin at all. It made my depression worse.

Does Wellbutrin treat ADD?

Wellbutrin, That I know of, DOES NOT help ADD/ADHD. I have ADHD myself and Take Focalin myself as well as Wellbutrin/Bupropin for deprssion. Check out that link I sent in or go to and type in your question there. They will help you out too. If you're still not sure, Contact a local Pharmacist/Pharmacy before trying it out. They can give you doctors you should contact as well.

Can Xanax be used to treat ADHD?

no it can not

Can you take medication for both ADHD and depression?

Yes; a doctor can prescribe medication for both ADHD and depression. In some cases, two medications will be prescribed (one medication for ADHD and another for depression). Some drugs such as Wellbutrin are prescribed to treat depression and work for ADHD as well.

Is Wellbutrin the same kind of drug as Adderall?

No. Adderall is used for the treatment of ADHD and Wellbutrin is used in the treatment for depression or Bipolar Disorder.

Can you take Wellbutrin with ADHD medications?

Wellbutrin is sometimes prescribed off-label for use in ADHD. Since it has stimulant properties and raises the heart rate, it shouldn't be used with other stimulants unless under the advice of a doctor.

Is Wellbutrin recommended for ADHD in children?

No; Wellbutrin (bupropion) is not approved for treating ADHD in children or adults. This is an off-label use and not recommended. Wellbutrin works as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, working in a similar way to stimulants, increasing dopamine within the brain. Some studies have shown bupropion to improve ADHD symptoms, but there has never been large scale studies to show efficacy and safety in children.

Is Wellbutrin XL a steroid?

Wellbutrin XL is used to treat major depression.So it is an antidepressant and not a steroid.

Can you take Viagra with Wellbutrin together?

Yes ... if prescribed by a physician who is using Wellbutrin to treat depression, ADHD or smoking cessation attempts, in a patient who is also being treated for erectile dysfunction. However, it is more common to take these medications at different times of day, rather than together.

What is the difference between buspar and Wellbutrin?

The difference between Wellbutrin and BusPar is that wellbutrin is an antidepressant used to treat depression and BusPar is an anti-anxiety medicine used to treat anxiety. Wellbutrin is the brand name for the generic bupropion and BusPart is the brand name for the generic buspirone.

What is Wellbutrin XL tab 300 mg prescribed for?

Wellbutrin is prescribed as an anti-depressant most commonly. It is also used occasionally for treatment of anxiety and ADHD.

How long will Wellbutrin SR take to treat ADHD?

Wellbutrin is also used for depression and it takes 6 weeks to really start to work. The good effects you will notice more by surprise. It's so quick, yet one could miss the small effects first. Usually calmness, better mood. Wellbutrin is also used to help smokers stop smoking.

Is Wellbutrin a good treatment for adult ADHD?

Wellbutrin has been found to be useful in treating adult ADHD; however, whether it is a good treatment for a particular individual has to be determined by your doctor. There are many options available and many factors that determine which is best for each individual.

Is Adderall used for ADHD?

Yes; Adderall is approved to be used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy.

What medicines treat ADHD?

one is ritalin

Is Lexapro used to treat adult ADHD?


Does Bupropion XR help treat ADHD?

Bupropion (brand name Wellbutrin) is commonly used to treat depression and used for smoking cessation. Bupropion is used by some doctors to treat ADHD, and there is some evidence to support that it is effective for the treatment for ADHD. It is likely due to the fact that it works as a norepinephrine/dopamine reuptake inhibitor, but because of inhibiting as opposed to releasing bupropion is less likely to be abused and is not a scheduled substance. In summary, bupropion has been shown to be effective in treating adult ADHD and mixed results in other studies. You should work with your doctor to find the most effective medication for you, which may or may not be bupropion.

Can Seroquel treat ADHD?

Seroquel is a brand name for the drug quetiapine. Quetiapine is not used for treating bipolar disorders and schizophrenia; it is not used to treat ADHD.

Can a general practitioner treat ADHD?

By law they can prescribe the medications but a GP is not qualified to assess ADHD.

Is Wellbutrin used for menopause?

Wellbutrin is the brand name for the drug bupropion. Wellbutrin is a medication used to treat depression. Depression and mood swings are sometimes part of menopause symptoms. If menopause is accompanied by depression, Wellbutrin might be prescribed.

Is Prozac used as a drug to treat ADHD?

It shouldn't be, Prozac can have serious side effects to someone who has ADHD.

How does Strattera treat ADHD?

It increases the neurotransmitter norepinephrine.