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Can a 12 volt system run 13 volts?

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No, you will need two 12 volt batteries connected in series to give the 24 volts necessary to run the pump. It will not run on 12 volts.

Yes. Since the coil is run at full voltage when starting 12 volts may be too much for a 6 volt ignition coil. It would be at about 8 volts when running. There is a starting resistor.

If the pump is rated at 12 volts direct current, then yes.

== == It is a 12 volt system. The alternator should put out 13.5 to 14.5 volts with the engine running.== == It is a 12 volt system. The alternator should put out 13.5 to 14.5 volts with the engine running.

Yes, it will just be not as bright.

yes, but it may burn out

12 volt system A fully charged 12 volt battery will have 12 to 12.7 volts. With you engine running you should have 13 to 13.5 volts

It is a 6 volt system. Click the link for other specs. You can convert it to 12 volts but do lots of research before doing this.

Probably not much because 6 Volts is not enough to power a 12 Volt coil

Yes, but the motor will not run as fast and have the torque that the motor would at 12 volts.

12 volt standard, 24 volt optional.

One way in achieving this can be getting a 140 watt solar system. The reason behind this is they take both 12 volts and 24 volts.

NO! I recently tried connecting a 12 volt inverter to my solar panels that have an 18 volt output. The inverter fried in under a minute.

All Mustangs operate on a 12 volt system.

Change the 6 volt generator to a 12 volt alternator. Replace the starter & battery with a 12 volt. Replace every single bulb on the vehicle with a 12 volt bulb. You may also need to replace the coil. Also replace any electronic devices designed for 6 volts with ones designed for 12 volts.

You don't need anything. A 24v system is the cranking volts. The accessories are done for 12 volts.

12 volts is less of power than 18 volts drill

That is Impossible. You can however make two 6 volt batteries into a 12 volt system by wiring the two 6 volts batteries in Series. You will then have an output voltage of 12 volts but the amperes will only be what one of the batteries have, In other words the volts will double but the amps will stay the same as if you only had 1 battery connected.

Depends on the battery size. If your boat is a 12 volt system and you wire two 12 volt batteries in series you then have 24 volts. If the batteries are 6 volt batteries you will be fine. If you have a 12 volt system on your boat and want to use two batteries then wire two 12 volt batteries in parallel. You will still have 12 volts but will have double the amperage available and this will extend the running time of the batteries.

Its a 12 Volt System. The Standard battery is 4Ah

Since there is an AC to DC converter in there, it's hard to say. If it's a basic transformer to rectifier to capacitor design it will put out 6 volts. If it is a transformer to a voltage regulator it's hard to say what will happen. Certainly the drive voltage to the regularor will be cut in half. It may or may not run, but won't be able to run at 12 volts because there won't be any 12 volts to drive the regulator. (There will only be 6 volts.) If it is a switcher it may work fine or it may do nothing.

Normal car engines will run off a 12 volt supply.

Most cars run off a twelve volt battery. 12 VOLTS DOES NOT EXISTS ON CARS TRY 13.68 VOLTS. And any variation around that. That needs to be explained if someone try it to get 12v.

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