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Can a 12 year old get a job?


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2011-02-25 03:37:39
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For types of jobs see, Where can 12 year olds get a job???.


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no a 12 year old can not get a job at a gas station! no a 12 year old can not get a job at a gas station!

how to get a job online for a 12 year old

What job cant a 12 year old get at the zoo

where can a 12 year old get a job in ponchatoula, Louisiana

a good job for a 12 year old would be baby sitting.

No, plumbing is a prohibited job for 12 years old.

yes you could get a job at 12 but not in all states

In some places Yes you can but...

my answer is "No" 12 years old can not get job in Australia Because 12 years age is Prohibited for work.

12 year old can get a job but why would u wana you need to be freee

12 year old boys can not have jobs yet. You have to wait until your thirteen or fourteen and then you can get a summer job or an after school job.

No! of course not! to get a job you need to be 16+

no i think you have to be 14 to get a job

you can find a job in the mall

What kind of job could a 13 year old do on her computer? What can I do?

12 year old children can't get a job in a store, because their not older enough. It would violate the Child Labor Law.

12 year old boy can get a babysitting job are mabey sell lemond and cookies also can work for your dad or mom

Babysitting is the best job i can think of and I'm 12 !!! i am 12 too and i approve this message!

On wikianswers, the minimum age for any job is 13.

A 12 year old girl will not be able to get a job where she has an employer because she is too young. However, a 12 year old girl could get a part time job working as a babysitter, doing a newspaper run, gardening or walking dogs if she knows people in her neighborhood.

Yes, in Alberta/Canada, you can get a job at 12 if your parent gives you written consent(permission).

Unfortunately, there are not many jobs for a 12 year old in Porterville. A 12 year old can babysit, dog walk, or even do yard work in the summer months.

no you cant in the state of florida.

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