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Can a 14-year-old decide which parent they wish to live with?

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No. You may want to live with a certain parent but you cannot choose. This is strictly a court decision.

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== == The courts will take the juveniles wishes into account, but at no age can a child simply decide which parent they wish to live with.

Not decide but the court will follow her wish at this age as long as the mother is fit.

In the state of North Carolina, a child must attain the age of 18 before the child is old enough to decide for him/her self which parent they wish to live with.

In the US you can decide for yourself when you are 18. In some states a minor from a certain age can give state his wish to a judge but the judge is not obligated to follow it.

18 but the court will listen to the child what he/she wishes but is in no way obligated to follow the child's wish.

18. But if it goes to court the court might ask the child who he wants to live with if he is around 15yo and the court might follow his wish but is not obligated to.

At 18 a person is an adult and can move where they wish.

You can choose the parent you want to live with when you are 18. Minors are not allowed to choose in any state. In some states they are allowed to voice their opinion but the judge is in no way obligated to follow the minors wish. It's either your parents or the judge who decide.

If you work at night, a judge would probably think it would be better for the child to live with his or her other parent.

No, minors are not allowed to decide with whom they wish to live, including which parent. When parents cannot agree on custodial issues the judge makes the decision for them. That decision is based upon what the judge believes is in the best interest of the child or children involved and not upon the preference of others.

A child must be 18 years old before s/he can decide for him/herself which parent s/he wants to live with. At around age 13, a child could ask to speak with a judge in his own behalf and tell the judge which parent he would prefer to live with and why he would make that choice. If the judge agrees with the child's assessment and sees no reason not to settle residential custody on that parent, then the child may get his wish. If the judge does not agree with what the child says, then the child must abide by the judge's wishes.

In most states, there are limitations of age in place for when a child can be heard by the court for choosing which parent to live with. There are many factors the court will use in determining, such as , but not limited to, age, maturity level, and the relational status of the parent(s) with the child(ren). The court does not have to grant the request, or hear the petition from the child. It is ultimately the court's discretion whether to hear this motion or not.

16The true age is 19. You are a legal adult at 19, and can live were ever you wish. The court system may take into consideration a minor, 14 years old and up, wishs to live with one parent or the other. That said also if both parents agree the minor may be allowed to decide for his of her self on which parent the minor lives with.

i wish it was 13 because i want more time with my dad. but its legally 18.

Iowa has not specific applicable law. A judge will interview the child, depending on a report from a GAL, and determine the validity of the choice as it applicable to the case as a whole. The child does have alternatives. see links

No but if it goes to court the judge will probably hear what he wants but the court is not obligated to follow his wish. Until he is 18 it's his parents who decide which of them he will live with. If he wants to live somewhere else he will need their consent.

Its not up to the child, that's decided in a court. But the child pleading her/his wish to live with one parent other than the other does play a role in the courts decision. If you are 18. you can live wherever you want.

The court might ask what parent he wants to live with but they are in no way obligated to follow his wish and especially not if the parent were abusive.

In Illinois, there is no legal age for a child to choose which parent they wish to live with. A court might consider testimony in regards to these matters, but there is no provision in the law for a child to choose.

Hmmm....bit of a grey area....usually it's a custody battle which ensues...but it does help saying which parent you wish to stay with.

Minors are not allowed to decide with whom they wish to live. A judge usually takes into consideration a child's opinion if the child is mature enough to understand the issues involved but the judge is under no obligation to follow the child's choice. Custodial decisions are always based upon what is in the best interest of the child and not the preference of any involved party. Either parent can file a petition to have the current custodial arrangement rescinded or amended but they must have a compelling reason for the court to make a change.

No. In all states a minor can not choose until they are 18yo. There seems to be a misunderstanding about this. In some states a judge will listen to your wishes but he is at no point obligated to grant you that wish and let you decide. The choice is always the parents or the courts.

I have a 12 year old daughter and a 8 year old son that wish to live with me. Currently my ex and I have 60/40 parenting. This has taked a turn for the worse and I would like to have some information. We live in Washington State. Thanks in advance for your help. Julee Denzinger 206-818-5083

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