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In states that offer emancipation for minors the minimum age is sixteen. If your situation is one of abuse and/or neglect you should contact the state social services for assistance. Or if you prefer you can call any of the following organizations for help, National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-392-3738, Youth Crisis and Runaway Hotline 1-800-448-4463, Youth Emergency Services Hotline 1-800-899-5437. You might also like to visit, an organization of teens helping teens with mutual problems. If you believe you are in physical danger contact your local police or 911 immediately!

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Q: Can a 14-year-old girl get emancipated if she is being mentally abused and neither of her parents have a stable house for her to live in?
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Can a 14-year-old who is not mentally stable be emancipated from the parents in Florida?

In the state of Florida a minor must be at least 16 in order to be emancipated. Even once they meet the age requirement, a minor who has been determined to be mentally unstable is not going to be able to get emancipated.

Im 19 and you want to be emancipated from your parents?

Unless you're mentally disabled somehow, you shouldn't need to be "emancipated", since you're no longer a minor (in most states, anyway).

Do you have to have parental permission to get emancipated in Illinois?

NO, you petition the court to be emancipated against your parents will. You will however have to show that you are Mentally, Physically and Financially able to cope with life just as you would be required to as an adult.

Do you have to be emancipated to move out from your parents at the age 16 in Alberta?

Do you have to be emancipated to move out from your parents at the age 16 in alberta?

Can a sixteen year old terminate legal rights of the parents or become emancipated in South Carolina if parent consents?

Yes. You have to have parental consent to be legally emancipated, unless you are being mentally/emotionally abused, physically abused, or their living arrangements are unstable.

Are teen fathers automatic emancipated since they have to pay child support?

No and neither are the mothers who also have to support them. You don't have to be emancipated to get a job. In some cases if the father can not pay, the mother can petition the court for his parents to pay in his place until he is 18.

Can you get emancipated and get money given to you by your parents?

No. An emancipated minor is required to support themselves through gainful employment and not by their parents or public assistance.

What happens if you get emancipated from both my parents and want to move in with my stepmom and something bad happpens like my parents trying to get me?

if youre emancipated from your parents they have no legal grounds to detain you.

If your parents give the permission to be emancipated can you be emancipated?

Yes, if a judge of competent jurisdiction agrees.

What are emancipated minors?

Emancipated minors are minors who have been legally released from the control of their parents.

Can you move out at 16 if you have a job and can support yourself?

If your parents give you permission or if you are emancipated. If you are not emancipated, your parents will have to sign any legal documents, such as a lease, for you.

What are the legal qualifications to get emancipated from your parents in the state of Georgia?

I'm 16 and emancipated. I'm married. But here's the catch you DO need parents consent.

Do you have to carry medical insurance on an emancipated child in Indiana?

No. Emancipated children have no legal ties to their parents.

How do to get emancipated from my parents at 22?

You don't have to do anything. You were emancipated when your reached the age of majroity in your state or country.

In NC are you emancipated from your parents when you become pregnant?

No, not in any state are you emancipated because you are pregnant or had a baby.

How can you get emancipated in Kansas?

In the state of Kansas a person who is 16 years old can be emancipated with permission from their parents. The only exception to this is if the parents are ruled incompetent or are physically abusive.

Can i move out of my parents house when I'm 16?

you can get emancipated then move out but that requires having a good case to get emancipated

When a 17 year old female decides to move out of her parents house in Missouri is she considered emancipated and does it free her parents of further responsibility?

She is not yet an adult at 17. No, she is not emancipated and her parents are still responsible for her.

How do I move out if I'm a minor?

You have to get emancipated, but you might want to think hard before doing so. In order to get emancipated your parents have to sign off giving you permission. You have to get emancipated, but you might want to think hard before doing so. In order to get emancipated your parents have to sign off giving you permission.

In Nebraska after an 18 yr old is emancipated are parents free of any financial and or medical support?

usually yes, as long as the 18 year old is mentally compentant. even if they aren't, they could be wards of the state.

If you dont have permission to get emancipated by your parents can you still get emancipated?

Emancipation is done by petitioning a court. Parental permission is not necessary.

Are pregnant teens emancipated in California?

You don't get emancipated just because you are pregnant. You are the guardian of your child but your parents are the guardians of you.

Are parents liable for necessaries of an emancipated minor?

No. The requirements for being getting emancipated is that the teen can handle these things themselves.

If you are within six months of turning 18 and can support yourself and have somewhere to go and your parents are mentally abusive can you move out?

Well, if you can't wait the 6 months and you leave and your parents freak, your best bet would be to go to court and get emancipated. If your parents aren't going to care, just leave. You don't need that.

Why do people get emancipated?

Some people get emancipated to become their own legal guardian. A teenager could become emancipated from their parents or guardians if proper care was not being given.