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Below 16 you need legal guardian's consent as well as the courts. Now your parents might be OK with it but I doubt the court would be. Marriage means more than just being allowed to marry, it also means you are emancipated. Just being in love or even have children (the 20yo would be charged with statutory rape in that case since age of consent is 18 with no close exemptions in Arizona) would not be good enough reason to let a minor age 14 to marry. You can ask your parents if they are willing to spend money on that but it would be smarter to wait until you are 16, or better yet 18.

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Will greyson chance date an 20year old?

No. First is illegal. Second ew.

Can a 20year old have a drink in a restaurant in Illinois?

No. The legal drinking age in Illinois is 21.

What is the normal heart rate for a 20year old male?

60-100 beats per minute

Will a 20year old be in trouble for getting his 16year old girlfriend pregnant in minnesota?

No, the age of consent there is 16.

Can a 20year old guy date a 17 year old girl?

There is nothing wrong with that. Three years difference... big whoop

How do you get criminal records filed in 2000?

You can visit that has full 20year history for you and allows you to search the person before payment.

Can a 20year old date an almost 17 year old girl in the state of California?

Yes there are no laws for dating, only sex and in California you have to be 18 for that.

Is it illegal for an 18year old boy to marry a 20year old woman?

No, you are of legal adult age. The laws may vary in a few states though.

How do you create an additional facebook account?

i want to set up a facebook page for my 20year old son who has special needs but be able to moniter it on my do i do this please.

In Alabama can a 20year old girl get in trouble legally for having a baby by a 17 year old boy?

No. The sex was legal since age of consent is 16 there.

How hard is it to drink in California if your a 20year old Irishman?

i really don't now im only nine bout to turn ten tomorrow on Friday the 19

Can a 20year old girl go to jail if she was intimate with a 16 year old that is now 17?

If the 16yo was below age of consent when the sex occurred, yes.

Is it illegal for a 14 year old girl to be friends with a 20year old?

no, its not illegal, but its weird, especially if this 20yer old person is a boy. if its a girl than its less weird

Is it ok to date a 20year old male in Oklahoma? depends! Are you old enough, are you young enough? This question cannot be answered fully with the little information you provide.

Is it illegal for a 20 year old guyl to date a 15 year old girl?

Its not illegal to date but you cannot have sex. It would be classed as rape on the 20year old boy.

Can a 20year old male go to jail for taking a 16 year old female out-of-state?

Yes. A minor is not allowed to leave the state without parental consent.

How old is a Kenmore washer 90 series model 11026912691?

Go to google and search for keywords, for instance: kenmore 11026912691 repair manual pdf See what comes up.

Can a 20year old girl go to jail for talking to a 16year old boy?

no, unless the girl swears at the boy, or abuses him. You can't go to jail for saying "hi" to a 16 yr old boy

Can a 16 year old girl date a 20year old in the state of California?

No this act is illegal since the girl is a minor. The girl must be over eighteen years of age, or an adult, for this to be considered legal.

What if a 16year old male lies about his age to get with a 20year old female and then gets her pregnant What could happen?

It depend in which country it happened cause in some country's the age is 16 and other the age is 18 before a boy or a girl must not have sex if he is under that age the state can lock you up for rape as you are not aloud to have sex with him. If he lie about his age you should have to proof it I expect the best you can do is discus this problem with your and his parents to sorted it out.

Laws on 20year old helping 16year old runaway in Florida?

It is illegal for any adult other than that child's legal gaurdian to shelter the runaway for more than 24hrs. This is punishable by law and is a misdemeanor offense.

Is it legal for a 16year old to be dating a 20year old male but having not intimate relationship what so ever?

Answer Yes its only the sex that comes into it. That means you can date but without a sexual relationship. However in England they are permitted to have a sexual relationship as the consent age there is 16.

Is it illegal to date a 20year old guy to a 16year old girl?

Every state has an 'age of concent' which is different in different places. You would have to check the state law to find out the age. There's no way to know how reliable this list is, but:

I know a 20year old boy and a 14 year-old girl who like each other. Personally I think it's morally wrong and think should they should wait until she turns 18 and he's 23 or 24. Opinions anyone?

Alright. This is not morally wrong. I too have been into a situation like this. i was 14 when a 20 year old boy liked me and i liked him. this is actually normal. we are now married and it worked out. They don't have to wait, that's their choice.

Are there people out there who are highly trained in martial arts who could take on fifteen 20year old guys at once all attacking at the same time?

Not likely. Particularly if they attack at one time. Though that isn't very likely, as it is impossible for 20 people to all get that close to a single person.

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