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Well, I suppose so. I'm 16 and I think I am in love, but I'm an oddball. Most kids at our school break up within 2 weeks to a month.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-14 16:10:43
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Q: Can a 15-year-old boy be in love?
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Yes a boy can love another boy but that does not mean the other will love him back. yes. love is universal and can be shared in many ways. You cant really control who you love wether its a boy and a boy, a girl and girl or a boy and girl who love is who you love and that about it. if your gay yes

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A boy can fall in love immediately.

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If there is a boy you like, but he is 'in-love' or 'dating' another girl, do not give them ATTENTION! Just be friends with the boy, NOTHING MORE!

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The real way is to show him your love for him...... If he still does not love you then it is not meant to be.......... Trust me....... I am a boy

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The best thing to do if the boy you love, hates you is to find a new person to love.

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We in Canada have a term for that, homosexual. So why should it matter if you love a guy and your a guy? Love has no bounds or restrictions. So just be yourself, and if you think its okay to love a boy or boy then its perfecly fine and natural for you.

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It depends whether the boy is the type of boy to love largely and whether the girl is the type of girl to love largely. But the main dependant is: whether they are really in love and how deeply in love they are....!

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A gay boy can fall in love with another gay boy. It happens all the time.

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yes! love is for anyone! No matter if its a boy and girl, girl and girl, or boy and boy! It doesnt matter! If you love someone, thats special!

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you love this boy because he makes u feel good and u trust him u would die if u didn't have him that's why you love this boy


Simple Answer: Yes

How do you know you love your boy friend?

If you love being with them then you love them

How to tell a boy you love them?

You walk up to them and something that goes a little like this, "boy, I love you."