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Can a 15 year old son move to another country and live with his father?


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With parental permission from both his parents, yes.

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Immigrants. If you move to another country, you emigrate.

Yes, many parents live in one country and pay for their children living in another.

yes. you could be born in dc but move to Africa and live there, right????

The mother and child leaving the country need to have the custodial father approve it, AND the Court needs to approve the move.

Just as today, people born in one country could move to another country to live and work.

I think you can invite them round from their country and build a good relationship with them while they are at your house. Then you can probably ask them to move in.

Immigrants are people who move into a country to live and to work. Emigrants and people who move out of a country to live and to work.

When you get older, you can consider moving to your girlfriend's country, or she can move to yours. You should live in the country that has the most opportunities.

u can but u shoudnt. as he can go to police and report that u have kidnapped them

If you live in a different country and you marry a US citizen that is in your country and move to where your spouse came from you can move there to. My mom is from another country my friends parents is from England and they live in California with me not in my house though. yes if you didnt understand what I meant.

Humans move from one country into another country.

In order to move to another country you will need a passport and a Visa. You will need a reason for the Visa, for example work. You will then have to contact and international moving company to move your things, and a real state agent in the country where you wish to move. It will be hard to find a place to live without the help of a real estate agent. Before leaving it is a good idea to learn at least some of the language of the new country you will moving to.

It depends on the State or country you live in. If I live in the state of Virgina and I get pragnant at age sixteen and want to move in with the father could I?

Some people can't afford to move to another country. Some people have settled and it's hard to move. Hope this helps!

It is the process of moving into a country from another country. So if I live in Russia and want to move to India, I would be immigrating to India. Emigration is the process of leaving a country to go to another country. In the example above, I would be emigrating from Russia and immigrating to India.

move from one place to another

People who move permentantly from one country to another.

Move to another city or country.

An emigrant is a person who moves from their country of origin. And an immigrant is a person who gets to another country to live in. An immigrant is a person who is moving from one country into another. An emigrant is a person exiting their current country to go to another. For example, if a person were to move from France to the US, they would be a French emigrant but and U.S. immigrant.

Yes, provided they are notified of the move.

No. If you live in the United States you do not need a Visa to visit Hawaii, or move to Hawaii. It is a part of the US. If you live in another country than yes, you would need a visa

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