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Can a 15 year old work as a paper delivery boy if yes does anyone know a place where they are asking for paper delivery peoples has to be close to Bradford?


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October 31, 2017 12:13AM

I assume being a young paper delivery boy ,its easy if your expecting one hundred dollars every week,but twenty dollars , even a kid knows that he will not bother to walk to the nearest town ship just for a measly twenty dollar note on a Friday .i guess that's why i would stash the news papers in the bush near the golf coarse,because as a kid i new that my mums & dad would wanna try put me on twenty dollars a's like telling a kid your too young to learn .the kid says why,the adult just laughs like it's the best joke of his year.that's probably because he ain't never heard of a kid being twenty dollars a week.I would rather hang out with my criminal brothers .that's only if one of them were baild ,im eighteen years old they say when you turn eighteen you pay upgrades ,i bet it ain't that much higher from when i was a kid.