Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can a 16-year-old be emancipated in Oregon and what are the emancipation laws in Oregon?


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The state does have emancipation laws, Oregon Juvenile Code 419B "Dependency", Section 419.B.552 Emancipation of a Minor. Doing your own research should help you understand a little better how complicated most legal procedures can be. However, if you understand these codes then perhaps you should consider a career in the legal profession, ( I mean that in all sincerity not sarcasm). Unfortunately you must have the Oregon statues to understand the codes. ORS 419.B.558 gives you the requirements needed to qualify for emancipation. You can look up this code online or go to the library and look the code up in the 'Crimanal Code of Oregon'. The internet would probably be easier since the statues do have a habit of changing consistantly every six months or so.


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There are no emancipation laws in Idaho, therefore you can not get emancipated.

Emancipation laws vary in Pennsylvania from county to county. Many do not allow emancipation.

The state does not have established laws for the emancipation of minors.

You are not emancipated because you are pregnant in any state.

in Texas the age is 16 to file for emancipationAnswerEmancipation laws and the requirements to be emancipated vary from state to state. Many states do not even allow the emancipation of minors.

Emancipation does not change laws regarding age requirements for many laws. It allows one to contract and be responsible for one's self, but does not allow breaking of age dependent laws.

No there are not any laws that would allow a pregnant teen to get emancipated in Oklahoma.

To be emancipated, you would draft a Petition for Emancipation in accordance with your state's laws, and file it in the appropriate court. Emancipation has no effect on whether or not you can go to school.

Kentucky has no emancipation laws. You are considered an adult at age 18.

Not every state has emancipation laws, and I don't believe that Wisconsin does.

It depends upon the laws of the state where the emancipation decree was granted. In several states emancipation rights are automatically revoked upon the dissolution of the marriage.

There are no laws regarding dating. The only laws apply to sexual contact and emancipation has no effect on those.

You have to petition the court for emancipation. Check the laws of your state for more detailed information. One of the (many) requirements for emancipation is that you have to be able to fully support yourself. If you have no job, then how would you do that?

{| |- | Not all states have emancipation laws, so the first thing is to be living in a state that does have them. Most states only allow emancipation for minors that are 16 or over. There are a few that will allow younger ones to be emancipated. |}

You'd have to be emancipated. The laws/requirements for emancipation vary by state and not all states have an emancipation statute. Check the laws for the state that you reside in. At a minimum, you

No laws are filed, but you probably have to file a petition with the court. But the laws vary from state to state, but many states don't allow emancipation.

{| |- | You can not get emancipated. You are the responsibility of your parents until you reach the age of majority. In most states that means until you reach the age of 18. |}

Not automatically. She can petition the court for emancipation if she is otherwise eligible under the laws of her state.

Although many states have laws that allow a teen to be emancipated once married, this is not true just because you've had a baby.

New Jersey does not have established laws nor procedures for the petitioning of emancipation of a minor.

Yes, you can if you are both emancipated minors. You would have to check your local laws regarding emancipation.

No, there are no emancipation laws in New York that would allow this to happen.

{| |- | Sexual orientation is not usually a factor in the decision. Not all states have emancipation laws, so the first thing is to be living in a state that does have them. Most states only allow emancipation for minors that are 16 or over. There are a few that will allow younger ones to be emancipated. |}

This depends on the state laws in which you live. In Alabama once you have a child you are considered an adult. This does not matter if you are twelve or seventeen, if you have one kid you are automatically emancipated in the laws eyes. A good idea would be to see what your state laws are on child birth and/or emancipation.

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