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If your aunt and uncle really want you to live there because your mother is an "unfit mother" then they must go to court to fight for total custody of you. This is something you must discuss with your aunt and uncle. Be warned! Unless your mother is proven to have abused you in any manner and still chooses to have you stay with her, there is nothing you can do. If you should entertain the thought of falsely accusing your mother of abuse and take it to the law they know abuse when they see it and they also know a "put on" when they see it. If your mother is abusive towards you (yelling constantly, hitting you) or seldom home to look out for your welfare and you are underage your aunt and uncle would have no problem getting at least partial custody of you and perhaps full custody of you depending on the situation. However, if your mother is just setting down some house rules you don't particularly like, and making references to the way you dress and how late you stay out or .. not getting the grades in school you use too, believe it or not this is love and caring no matter how you dice it or slice it. If this is the case I would rethink how much you will hurt your mother by not wanting to stay with her over a few rules of the house. She is trying to keep you safe and until you are a parent you will never understand this reaction between mothers and their children. It's obvious you think you are old enough to make your own decisions so here's a thought: Sit down with your mom and talk to her. If your mom is a single parent and solely responsible for you this is a difficult situation to be in and no doubt she has to work and raise you (perhaps your siblings as well.) A mature person would try to help out more and also give support. Try communicating with your mother before you make such a drastic decision of trying to move in with your aunt and uncle.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old choose to live with her aunt and uncle without her mother's consent?
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