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Can a 16-year-old choose to live with her aunt and uncle without her mother's consent?

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If your aunt and uncle really want you to live there because your mother is an "unfit mother" then they must go to court to fight for total custody of you. This is something you must discuss with your aunt and uncle. Be warned! Unless your mother is proven to have abused you in any manner and still chooses to have you stay with her, there is nothing you can do. If you should entertain the thought of falsely accusing your mother of abuse and take it to the law they know abuse when they see it and they also know a "put on" when they see it. If your mother is abusive towards you (yelling constantly, hitting you) or seldom home to look out for your welfare and you are underage your aunt and uncle would have no problem getting at least partial custody of you and perhaps full custody of you depending on the situation. However, if your mother is just setting down some house rules you don't particularly like, and making references to the way you dress and how late you stay out or .. not getting the grades in school you use too, believe it or not this is love and caring no matter how you dice it or slice it. If this is the case I would rethink how much you will hurt your mother by not wanting to stay with her over a few rules of the house. She is trying to keep you safe and until you are a parent you will never understand this reaction between mothers and their children. It's obvious you think you are old enough to make your own decisions so here's a thought: Sit down with your mom and talk to her. If your mom is a single parent and solely responsible for you this is a difficult situation to be in and no doubt she has to work and raise you (perhaps your siblings as well.) A mature person would try to help out more and also give support. Try communicating with your mother before you make such a drastic decision of trying to move in with your aunt and uncle.

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Can a child choose to live with an uncle without their mothers consent in ga?

Only if the mother has no legal rights to that child.

Can the courts marry you without parental consent if they choose?

In the US, the courts cannot choose to break the law, so if there's a law against it, then no, they can't.

Can a 16 year old choose to live with their uncle without their father's consent?

you have to be 18 to be able to live where you want unless you are emancipated

What state can a pregnant minor marry without parental consent?

What ever they want it is there choice to choose their victom whaa ha ha ha

Is it legal for a 15-year-old to choose to live with a grandparent instead of a parent in North Carolina without the parent's consent?

A 15-year-old cannot just choose on their own where they want to live. You would need either parental consent or a court order allowing it.

Can a thirteen year old choose to live with her aunt and uncle without parents consent in Michigan?

No he can not. A minor in Michigan have to be 18 to choose where to live and that is even when choosing between his parents so he can absolutely not decide to move to someone else without parental permission.

How old do you have to be to get married in the UK without consent?

18 in England and Wales, 16 in Scotland, but very few people in their teens choose to get married at such a young age.

Can a 16 year old choose to live with her grandparents without her father's consent?

i dont think so you should be able to move in with grandparent as long as they try to get custody

Can a 16 year old boy soon 17 move from mother to father in Florida without a legal battle?

Only with the parents consent. You can not choose until you are 18.

Can your siblings just choose to live in the house of a deceased parent if the house is empty and the estate is trying to sell it?

Legally, they cannot live in the house without the consent of the executor of the estate.

Are teen mothers that choose to place there child for adoption more successful?

No teen mothers are not more successful. They both have an even chance of success.

Can a 17 year old military dependent move to California with his mother's consent and live with another military family?

Everywhere in the US, a 17 year old may go and live with anyone they choose with or without the consent of a parent or guardian. The only activity that requires a 17 year old's parental or guardian consent is enlistment in the military.

Can a 17 year old from ky move in with their real dad that lost custody without her moms consent?

No, you have to wait until you are 18. Until then you are still a minor and your parents or the court choose.

Is the consent of the governed an important principle on the country Japan?

The consent of the governed is important to all issues that are of national interest. Japan normally holds elections to choose their representatives and this shows how the consent of the governed is important.

Can a minor choose to be baptized?

yes! this is a choice made only by the individual! do not have to have a parents consent

What personnel can a president choose without the approval of Congress?

Presidential appointments of Cabinet Members, Federal Court Judges, Ambassadors, Generals and Admirals require the consent of the Senate, and presidential appointments of Vice Presidents require the consent of both Houses of Congress. The President can hire without Congressional approval assistants who do not hold positions of power, such as personal secretaries, chauffeurs and speech writers.

Can a credit card company lower your credit limit without your consent?

Yes. They have the right to do that. They are the one who is giving you the credit in the first place. Not only can they do that but they can also take away all your credit and close your account for no reason at all if they choose too and they can also sell your account to another company without your permission just because they want too. But they have to notify you that they are doing that. Yes, they can change or even cancel your limit without your consent.

Can a child born out of wedlock be given the fathers last name without his consent in Tennessee?

In the US, the parent[s] can give the child any name they choose. However, doing so does not establish paternity.

Can a child choose to live with a parent that does not have custody of them?

Not without the consent of the parent with the custody order. However after a certain age some courts will take note of the child's wishes in some cases but is not obligated to follow them.

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