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Can a 16-year-old female move out without her parent's consent?



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a friend of mine is 16 and has been abused physically n verbally by her parents for awhile now. i have a good job and am willing to allow her to live with me as long as she continues her education. she will have her own room and bathroom. i will take her to school everyday. Can you physically do it yes but they can stop you if they want to. Most states have an 18 and older statute to make an adult decision as this. Dont know why at 16 you would want to but I dont live there. If you feel you are being mistreated then talk to someone. You can be emancipated by a court of law if you can prove that. Try to work it out if you can. Suggest family counseling. The world is a big place for a 16 year old and you have lots to learn.