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Can a 16-year-old girl have a relationship with a 26-year-old man?

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no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,! To answer your question, yes, technically a 16 year old girl CAN have a relationship with a 26 year old man. However, the 26 year old man may want to consider the fact that it's illegal, and that he could forever have to register as a sex offender if ever charged with anything. He may also want to consider what he's going to tell his buddies when he is renting a tux for prom, or when they want to go out to the bar with their wives and girlfriends and his can't come along. And as for the 16 year old, she might want to consider WHY this 26 year old man would rather be hanging out with her and doing things that 16 year old do, than doing things that grown men do.

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What is the type of relationship between the young girl and the old man?

The type of relationship between a young girl and the old man is sexual offense of age.

What a girl needs from a boy in relationship?

a girl just needs a friend who can be a boy in a friendship, but woman needs a man in relationship

You are a man seeking for nice girl for serious relationship?

As you are a nice man looking for a nice girl for a serious relationship, you must find one in a pub or bar and then go steady with her.

What to do if a girl says im not looking for a relationship?

Clarification needed. Are you a young man, and are you interested in having a relationship with her?

What is cheating on a man or girl?

Cheating is having a romantic or sexual relationship with some else while dating or being married to a man or girl.

What does it mean when there are no tingles in a relationship?

silly girl, it means that your relationship is tinglesss. you need a new man fo sho.

Can a relationship between a straight girl and a gay guy exist and work?

Yes. A gay man can be with a girl if he wants to. They can love eachother, it would just be a sexless relationship.

What does it mean when a man says he is fighting for the relationship?

It means that he wants a girl so bad and will not give up to get the girl

What does a man mean when he says ' lets just be friends '?

When a man says that-he most probably means that he dosent love the girl in a relationship way and dosent want to have a love relationship with her. It means he just wants to be friends, no relationship

Can 36 years old man in relationship with 15 years old girl?

No. The old man can receive a hefty jail sentence.

Is it legal for a 17 year old girl to be in a relationship with a 39 year old man?

It depents on the country you are from

15 year old girl living with a 21 old man is this legal?

With a sexual relationship, no it is not legal.

What is the relationship between gender and race?

i know Gender is if you are a girl or boy / man/ women and race is your nationality

Can a 19 year old girl have a relationship with a 44 year old man?

Yes you are both adults.

If a man is mean or rude to one of his girlfriends will he be the same to all of them?

Not at all, it simply means either there is a problem in the relationship or the man has lost interest in the girl

Why do guys cry over a girl?

Because he has built a strong relationship with that girl, and then for some reason the relationship falls because of a break-up or something. Then the man feels VERY sad that he lost her because he loved her, or something.

What shall a man do if he loves a girl and wants keep relationship with her but his parent are against the relationship?

Listen, if a man really loves the girl he is with he needs to stand up in front of his parents and say "this is my love and i love (woman's name) i don't care if u hate her" or you can sit quietly. If the man really loves this woman is she worth it? think The man must either persuade his parents in favor of the relationship, or else choose between his parents and the girl. Part of the process must be the man thinking carefully and decising whether he is in fact a man. For example, parents often know something useful, and a man knows better than to confront his parents with "I don't care if you . . ." etc.

Can a bisexual guy go with a bisexual girl?

Well, think about it. Man- Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. Woman-Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. The man can have a woman. The woman can have a man. Therefore, they can have a "straight" relationship.

Is it all right to fall in love to girl that has a man already?

You can't help who you fall in love with, but I'd advise you to be respectful of her relationship and not act on your feelings, until her relationship is over.

Is it illegal for a 12 year old girl to have a non-sexual relationship with a 45 year old man?

Yes, of course. You can have a non-sexual relationship with anyone? Is their something you are not mentioning?

How a straight girl get over a relationship with a gay guy?

Become best friends with him and move on to a man who is 100% attracted to you. Hey, every girl needs a gay guy for a bff ;)

Is the term bachelor referring to an unmarried man or an unmarried man not in a relationship?

It means unmarried man not ina relationship.

Will a relationship with a Scorpio man work?

That depends on the Scorpio Man. He has to be emotionally mature to have a relationship.

Why would a man be in a relationship for two years and constantly tell the girl he is joining the army and never does?

cause he wants to look tough