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If the parents have joint legal custody, then Dad has an equal say. Even if they don't have joint legal custody, I would imagine that something such as this (allowing the child to move in with a friend) would be a sufficient reason for Dad to ask the court to award him custody, and he would likely have a very good chance of getting it.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old live with friends with their mother's permission if the mother has primary physical care in joint custody of the 16-year-old?
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What are the responsibilities of parents in physical custody of a child?

Physical custody means that the child lives with you, at least part of the time. A parent with physical custody will be responsible for (and have the right to) see to the daily needs of the child, such as keeping him home from school when he's sick and allowing him to go play with friends as well as the more major needs such as food, clothing and a safe place to sleep.

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What do you need to do to be emancipated from your parents if you just turned seventeen years old and how do you bring your sister with you and get custody of her as well?

You need to have permission from your parents and be able to show the court that you can support yourself financially without the help of any friends, relatives or social agency.

Can you lose custody if you lose your home?

Not if you move to a shelter or stay with relatives/friends. As long as you make sure your kids are safe and cared for you will not lose custody.

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Depends on how old you are but either way will you need parental permission. If it's far away from your parents someone should have temporary custody at least so they have the right to make medical decisions on your behalf in case something happens. And your friends parents would need to get child support for you from your parents. That is done in court.

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Can a parent with joint custody take a child out of the state without the other parent's permission?

For vacations and visits to relatives and friends yes but they should notify the other parent of the length of the visit, where they will be going and how to contact them. They cannot leave the state long term or permanently. For that they would need the other parent's consent and a modification of the custody and visitation orders. If the other parent does not consent then a judge will hear testimony about the reason for the move and render a decision.

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