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if the lady is with child. Run from that guy honey. You will be taking care of an old man when you are 36 years old. Run!

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Q: Can a 16-year-old marry a 46-year-old in the state of Tennessee with a parent's consent?
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How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in Tennessee without consent?

18.. but if u have parents consent its 16

Can you get married at 17 to your 22 year old boyfriend in Tennessee without your parents consent?

Not in Tennessee, you need their permission. Once you turn 18 you can marry without consent.

What age can a child leave home in Tennessee without the consent of parents?

That would be the age of majority. In Tennessee and most of the US that would be 18. Then they are adults and the parents are no longer responsible for the child.

What is the legal age to get married without parental consent in Tennessee?

{| |- | The age of majority is 18. That is what is required to apply for a marriage license in Tennessee. Prior to that age, the parents have to give their consent. |}18? I guess in like every other state....Maybe younger if you get your parents to sign a paper.

What age can you legally move out in Tennessee?

A person can legally move out of their home in Tennessee at the age of 18. A minor may be able to move out before with a parents consent.

Can a 16-year-old legally drop out of school in Tennessee?

yes if the parents consent to it if not you have to be 17

Can a 16 year old and a 24 year old get married in Tennessee with parents consent?

NO, that's way to old

Can you get married if you are 17 and pregnant but your parents don't consent but his parents consent and you live in Missouri?

No. Your parents have to consent.

What is the youngest age at which someone in Tennessee can move out from their parents legally?

18, unless you have parental consent or have been legally emancipated.

Do i need a parents consent?

If you are a minor, then yes, you do need your parents consent.

Can a 16 year old marry a 24 year old with parents consent in Tennessee?

well i cant tell u that but all i know is that here in Louisiana u can with parents consent or other if ur pergant its ur own chose not ur parents cause ur pergant for that person

How does a 17 year old in the state of Tennessee move in with her grandmother without the consent of her parents?

It would require a court order to do so officially. Otherwise, they live where their parents say they live.

Can you get a tattoo under 18yrs old with parents consent in Pennsylvania?

you can get a tattoo anywhere with parents consent oh and by the way if your 16 you can get it without your parents consent

If you are 16 and have a child can you get married without parental consent in Tennessee?

No. Tennessee does not have waiver rights allowing a pregnant minor or one who has a child to be married without the consent of parents or a legal guardian. Find out what the legal age of consent is in TN and you will have your answer. * The AOC only pertains to when a minor can legally engage in consensual sex. It has no bearing on the marriage laws. A minor who does not live in a state that has laws allowing a pregnant minor to marry without parental consent (Tennessee is one of those states) must have parental or legal guardian consent to marry or must be emancipated by the court.

How old do you have to be to dropout of high school in Colorado with parents consent?

16 with a parents consent.

Can you move out when you're 17 if your parents consent?

yes if you have parents consent you can move out at 17

Can you be 15 years old move out with your parents consent in Indiana?

If the parents consent, yes.

Where in Georgia can you get married without parents consent?

Where in Georgia can you get married without parents consent

Can a 16-year-old move out of their parents house with consent?

a 16 year old can move out of parents house without consent. Yes, with a parents consent only!

I'm fourteen and I have my parents consent to get my tongue pierced Where can I go that will pierce my tongue with my parents consent?

If you are fourteen and have your parents consent to get my tongue pierced you will need to find a shop that will pierce it with parental consent. Shops vary by city and state.

Can you move out of your parents' house without consent in Washington if you are under 16 and have a baby?

No, you will your parents' consent.

Can a 16 year old girl move out without a parents consent?

no, to do anything without a parents consent you have to be 18 unless you get their consent you can't move out

What is the Age for consent to live with other family member with parents consent in the state of Texas?

There are no restrictions. If the parents consent a minor can live anywhere. There are no restrictions about age.

Can you move out of your parents house and in with someone else with a parents consent at age 16?

Yes you can move out with parental consent.

Can you live by yourself in Tennessee at 17 if you have consent from your parents?

No because 17 year olds are still minors and most places will not rent to anyone underage and most parents will not consent to a 17 year old living on their own. If that's the case look up the laws and statutes in the state of Tennessee and find out about emancipation meaning it's a legal way for underage minors to free themselves from their parents at 16-17 years old and declare them legally grown before their 18th birthday.