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no.If you can find someone to do it, it will be a void anywase. You cannot legally enter into a contract until you are 18. Marriage is a contract.

Yes, if the mother is the sole custodian of the minor or if both parents are in agreement with the marriage and it is allowed under the laws of the state in which the minor resides. It would not be an issue for DFS or other state authorities.

Answer(06/13/09) Why would you want to?

It is a statistical fact that relationships involving people who co-habitat and/or get married prior to age 24 have an 85% failure rate. Biologically, this is when females reach full mature on the physical, emotional, and hormonal levels. At this point, a woman is fully prepared to have and handle children, as well as a male that is still not fully mature.

Males don't reach full physical and hormonal maturity until age 30. This is also when they reach their peak emotional maturity, but not to the point of being fully independent. Half of the male emotional health comes from a woman. The biochemical frequency range of the male brain adjusts itself to match that of the female, developing an emotional symbiotic relationship.

Couples who begin cohabiting and/or get married prior to age 24 can find themselves drawing away from each other as each reaches full maturity. Their whole view of the world, and each other, changes. This doesn't happen to all couples, but clearly it is a factor in most relationship breakdowns.

Rutgers University Study - Should We Live Together?Cohabiting couples breakup three times more than married couples. Cohabiting couples that later marry have a 46% higher rate of divorce than those who did not cohabit prior to marriage. See Link Below
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Q: Can a 16-year-old marry without the involvement of authorities when they have their mother's consent?
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Yes they can

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Town, yes. State, maybe, with the father's written consent.

Does the father need the mothers consent to visit another state with son?

Not unless you are in a custody battle. It is only if you are going out of the country that you need consent

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Only the legal guardian can give consent to a medical procedure. If she says no you can get a court order.

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yes the mothers have the right to

Can a father that has joint custody with the mother sign a child up to a new school without the consent of the mothers?


Can a 16 year old be sexually active with a 24 year old with mothers consent?

No one can give consent for a minor who has not reached the age of consent, to have sex. That means the mother knows and is doing nothing to stop it so she too can be charged. The 16yo have to reach the age of consent first.

Can a child choose to live with an uncle without their mothers consent in ga?

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If you are sixteen and your boyfrien is twenty-seven can you get married with your mothers consent?

Yes You can.I did when i was sixteen and i had my mothers consent.She had to go with us to get our marriage licence and she had to show her I.D. plus my birth certificate.

Can you change the last name of a minor to that of the mothers without consent of the biological father if you were never married?

Yes. Why wouldn't you be able to?

Can a 17yr old move out if she has a baby without mothers consent?

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single mothers have sole custody even without a court order.

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Mothers job is relocated to Argentina and she takes baby with fathers consent is this kidnapping?

No, but it should also be approved by the court. see link

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I believe it is technically possible

How do you keep a brit from taking child to England without us mothers consent?

Don't sign the passport and notify the state department.

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