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It depends on which state you live in. You can go to a court of law and become empancipated. Be careful, I had a 24 year old boyfriend when I was 16, and in some states it legal to have a relationship with someone as long as they are 5 years older than you, but in most places 18+ is illegal and your boyfriend could go to jail. If you are on the outs with your parents and they find out about him, they can send him to jail. After that, he will always be listed as a sex offender. I know that is unfair, I've been there, but its the law. Unless your homelife is that bad that you need to get out, I would keep the relationship on the downlow until you are in the clear. If you really love him, you'll wait instead of jeopardizing his freedom. But if you are in an abusive home, get help. You can become emancipated after 16. Good luck. It all depends on what part of the country you live in. In some States, that would be allowed, but as for the rest; it's illegal! Do some local research because it varies from state to state. I'm guessing if you doubt whether it's legal, than it's not. If it were alright to do, you probably would have heard word about it. If in your area it is illegal, than the fiance would be in trouble with the law. BIG trouble. The term guardian sounds as biological parents aren't involved. That also can be an issue to who has a say in legal custody and such. Ultimately, I say no. Well, it's just my guess.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old who is almost 17 move out of their legal guardian's house and move in with their 24-year-old fiance if the guardian doesn't want them to?
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